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Default Anyone want to talk weight loss and babies?

I know that there is a separate pregnant and nursing board, but I thought I'd see if any other 20-somethings wanted to talk about weight in relation to pregnancy.

I lost 50 pounds, maintaining 30 pounds of that loss even after the birth of my first child. Now I'm trying to get down to my adulthood low and lower... BUT.

We're thinking about getting pregnant again this time next year. And part of me thinks, eh, why lose down to goal when I'm about to gain a bunch of weight again? The REASONABLE part of me knows that the thinner I am when I get pregnant the easier the pregnancy will be and the faster it will be to lose weight again after pregnancy.

Then the other day my husband asked if I was sure I wanted to get pregnant again, since I gained a good chunk of weight last pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with my little girl, and then nursing for a year plus, I really found it difficult to put the intensive time into ME and my health. I was just so focused on that little baby! I don't think I really have a question, just wondering if anyone else has these random scattered thoughts related to pregnancy and weight gain?
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I would say to keep on the goal you are now. If you continue to keep this lifestyle, when you get pregnant you can keep the routine up and remain healthy, making those pounds just fall off.

Totally different subject, but similar, but I have been really thinking about being a surrogate mother. The ONLY thing holding me back at this point is the idea that all this hard work I am doing would be thrown to the wind.... SOO, I understand what you are saying, and i am there with you. Now my advice I just gave, maybe I should follow it lol
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I am currently losing weight for my upcoming wedding on July 23.(I am down 37lbs in 8 weeks with ideal protein) We want to try for another baby in Jan. A part of me is terrified about gaining all the weight back again, but like you said it is healthier to be lighter while pregnant.

I look at it like this...I knew I wanted another baby. I want to give my daughter a brother or sister and I know I want them 3 years a part. (we want to try for Jan which will make her exactly 3 years older than the baby) I am figure that I now know I CAN lose weight, it is working. When I am done BF I will continue doing what I am doing now to shed the lbs.

This is a personal decision you need to think about.
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I had a baby girl in August & gained 16lbs during my pregnancy - don't ask me how - I have no freaking clue! After Christmas, I started back to dieting & have lost 39 lbs since then. We're not thinking of having another for a couple years, but I still want to get down as low as I can now, before I get preggers for a couple reasons. 1) I want to be a MILF. 2) It will be good for my body to not be overweight & pregnant. 3) It will be harder to lose the weight even a couple years older.

I totally get why you feel the way you do - I have felt the same, but we all know that it's much better to lose the weight BEFORE you get pregnant for multiple reasons.

NOW! I wanna see your bebe!! Here's mine!!

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Definitely! I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old. I will most likely not get down to goal before getting pregnant again, but would like to get down to #1 pre pregnancy weight (197). I really like this age gap (21 months) and would possibly like to aim for it again. That gives me around 4 months to lose 40 lbs... yikes! It can be done, but there may be a little bigger gap in between kiddos than before.
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My first pregnancy I gained 60 pounds. Went from 125 to 185 when I delivered. I don't want to go there again. I did loose that baby weight quickly within 6 months but I was young and walking a college campus daily. Breastfeeding helped too.

Now my daughter is 8, we are looking to add a baby within the next year to year and half. I know I want to hit my goal weight before getting pregnant again.

I don't see anything wrong with hitting your goal and then going for baby.
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I totally get what you're saying. With DD I gained 65lbs!!! I went from 175lbs to 240lbs . DD is 2 and I'm down to 190lbs and I do fit back into my prepregnancy clothes (mostly due to weight lifting!) but I'd love to see the 170's again... shoot, I want to see the 150's really!

We're planning on TTC sometime around Christmas so that's what I'm shooting for. We definitely want another kid but I admit that I'm so worried about the weight gain. I actually was pregnant this past winter and had a miscarriage (I lost weight those entire 3 months without trying...) so I'm that much more worried about being at a healthy weight.

However, this pregnancy I'm going to work out more and watch what I eat. I know with DD I could've done a lot more and ate way too much crap. This time around I'm not going to do that so I'm hoping things witll be much easier.

Good luck to you and your DH whatever you decide!
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Yes! I know what you mean. That's why I got my tubes tied! LOL. I have 3 kids already though so i'm done. But that was one of my many reasons to go ahead with the tubal, because I always gained a lot of weight with my babies. (40-60lbs!) And it was always SO hard for me to lose it afterwards. This time I knew I was done having kids and wanted to focus only on my health and not worry about any suprise babies. But, if I were in your shoes and still having more kids in the future I suppose I would continue with my healthy eating and losing weight. I always ate whatever I wanted while pregnant and it just wasn't healthy. You will have the opportunity to be a healthy and glowing preggo and I think you will benefit greatly afterwards with the weight loss. Good luck to you and your future and don't give up!
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I refuse to try to get pregnant until I get to 120lbs. I just can't deal with all the weight on my small frame.
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I'm expecting my first at the end of November and this is something I'm curious about. I maintained for so long that it feels downright odd to change my mindset. I did lose about 20lbs right before I got pregnant and am just out of my first trimester and haven't gained any weight. The weird part is, I'm totally fine with getting however big I need to get. I can eat spaghetti and bread again and my body uses it properly now (I have pcos and am carb sensitive, but all I have been able to eat is, you guessed it, CARBS. Bring it.). I truly feel the most comfortable and happy in my body than I ever have before.

And yes, this does spell trouble for after the baby comes

I feel you though. I kind of had to laugh because I was finally able to fit into all of my skinny clothes and then BAM. Pregnant. And there is a small part of me that wonders if I will ever fit into them again. I do have faith that I lost it before, I will figure out how to lose it again. It has been said many times that weightloss is a non-linear process and pregnancy and baby weight certainly fit into that description.

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Originally Posted by ryeb View Post
I would say to keep on the goal you are now. If you continue to keep this lifestyle, when you get pregnant you can keep the routine up and remain healthy, making those pounds just fall off.
I agree, keep on doing what your doing. If you get pregnant than thats ok, but just b/c your about to have a baby dosent mean you should stop eating healthy and working out. I think if i get pregnant i wouldnt want to eat badly b/c i know thats what the baby is going to eat.

Also my sister lost 40lbs in 3 months by eating healthy, working out n of course breast feeding... lucky! :P

Good luck!
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