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Default 12 weeks to Take OFF!!! Who's with me???

Hey guys, I just recently lost 20lbs. Without 3fc, I don't know if I would've lasted so long. It took me 2 1/2 months to achieve that goal. I believe I can do it again. I just need to push myself harder. I've managed to maintain the weightloss and I took a 3 week break. For my second set of weight loss, I need to lose 40 lbs in 12 weeks. I just graduated college but I'm going to get my masters in the fall, and it would be nice to reach this goal before I go back to school. I'm staring my second weightloss set tomorrow!

I need a weightloss buddy!!!! or buddies...who's with me??!
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I'm with you! I need support, too.

I've spent the last few weeks losing and gaining the same 5 or 6 pounds. This morning I decided on a plan to succeed and now I must follow through.

I think 12 months is a great time frame to challenge ourselves! We can lose some significant weight and make some lasting changes!

I will come back later and post about my plan and the changes I'm ready to make to succeed. I am just running out the door.

Congrats. on losing the first 20 pounds!!
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On a weight loss journey
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Congrats on losing 20lbs and your graduation!

I'm in as well! This comes at a perfect time because I had already decided to ramp-up my weight loss efforts beginning today, so I am definitely with you.

Currently I eat pretty healthy and I exercise about 5-6 days a week, but I know I could eat better and exercise more. I've been wanting to cut out sugar so I think that will be my main goal during this challenge. Also, I've been doing mostly cardio, so I'm committed to incorporating strength training into my workouts.

Let's do this!!
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I'm in!! :-) I'm trying to lose at least 40lbs by the end of August. I am working on my eating habits and getting back into the rhythm of exercising. I am currently walking back and forth to work, and walking in the park. I have lost 20lbs since beginning in August. I'm ready to GO HARD!!
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I'm in. I've been making small improvements but have yet to put everything together. For the past two weeks I've been running 6 times a week, my eating habits have improved, I've been keeping a food diary, but I've still been eating too much. I haven't lost any weight.

A big part of it is I've been stressed out of my mind. I'm waiting on a decision on what I'm going to do this fall (grad school or internship). I will find out this week. I have a feeling once I get these admission decisions, the pounds will come off and I'll sleep better. This support group comes at a perfect time. Whatever I end up doing this fall, I'd like to look fabulous.
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I'm in! I just graduated from nursing school a couple of week ago and I realized I gained about 15 lbs throughout school. It's time for me to get back in shape! I really would love to lose about 20-30 lbs by the end of summer. I have started and stopped diets so many times, but I would just like to get off the weight for good and make a lifestyle change to eat healthier and be more fit.
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How about we all track our weights together over this 12 week period? Have weekly weigh ins to stay accountable, track our progress and cheer each other on. I'll volunteer to be the secretary and will post charts and graphs of everyone's progress each week. If you do not want to be a part of the weekly weigh ins thatís fine.

For people who want to participate, post your starting weight on Wednesday 5/18 or Thursday 5/19. I'd like to have two days to weigh in so that there is more leeway. I listed the weekly breakdown below. Please be serious though if you want me to chart your progress. Make a commitment to post your weight every week no matter what it is. Hopefully a few people will want to do this with me. I like the accountability of having to weigh in each week.

Baseline Weigh in = Wednesday 5/18 or Thursday 5/19

Week 1 = Friday 5/20 - Thursday 5/26
Week 1 Weigh in = Wednesday 5/25 or Thursday 5/26

Week 2 = Friday 5/27 - Thursday 6/2
Week 2 Weigh in = Wednesday 6/1 or Thursday 6/2

Week 3 = Friday 6/3 - Thursday 6/9
Week 3 Weigh in = Wednesday 6/8 or Thursday 6/9

Week 4 = Friday 6/10 - Thursday 6/16
Week 4 Weigh in = Wednesday 6/15 or Thursday 6/16

Week 5 = Friday 6/17 - Thursday 6/23
Week 5 Weigh in = Wednesday 6/22 or Thursday 6/23

Week 6 = Friday 6/24 - Thursday 6/30
Week 6 Weigh in = Wednesday 6/29 or Thursday 6/30

Week 7 = Friday 7/1 - Thursday 7/7
Week 7 Weigh in = Wednesday 7/6 or Thursday 7/7

Week 8 = Friday 7/8 - Thursday 7/14
Week 8 Weigh in = Wednesday 7/13 or Thursday 7/14

Week 9 = Friday 7/15 - Thursday 7/21
Week 9 Weigh in = Wednesday 7/20 or Thursday 7/21

Week 10 = Friday 7/22 - Thursday 7/28
Week 10 Weigh in = Wednesday 7/27 or Thursday 7/28

Week 11 = Friday 7/29 - Thursday 8/4
Week 11 Weigh in = Wednesday 8/3 or Thursday 8/4

Week 12 = Friday 8/5 - Thursday 8/11
Final Weigh in = Wednesday 8/10 or Thursday 8/11
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scarlet this sounds like a great idea!

I've been maintaining now for the past month (b/w 154-157 on any given day, but usually weigh about 155.something on official weigh in day)....just got really comfortable with my weight, not to mention have not been on this site in a whiiiiile *shame shame* but my weightloss journey is not over and i do want to get back on the wagon...although it will be quite tough for me since I'll be studying for my board exam (for approx 6-7 weeks) and will not have any time to workout so I'll solely be depending on diet (watching carbs and staying within my appropriate calorie range)

also ladies, i'm sorry, but i will only post on official weigh in day b/c i seriously will not have time to come on this site everyday/few times a week b/c i will be constantly studying (am not exaggerating lol) but once my boards are over with i will def be around more! gluck ladies, we can do this!
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oh and primetime thanks for starting this thread!!

ok ladies talk to you all on wed
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I'm in for this! Primetime, you know how long I've been trying. I still haven't found anything that works for me unfortunately, but will just keep trying.

I think I need to start calorie counting. I've been able to exercise this past week every day (except friday), so it's been going well on the exercise front. Just need to think about what's wrong with my diet.

Scarlett--thanks for the tracking. I like the 2 weigh ins/week for the leeway.

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my 12 week goal is to be in onederland!! lets do this!
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Yaaay I want to join! I would really love to get back on track and get to my goal in these 12 weeks! I also want to look good when I go back to school in September!
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Hi, I'm in! My goal is 26lb in 12 weeks, it's gonna be tough but having a weigh-in will really help my motivation.

We can do this!
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Im in! my goal is 25 pounds in 12 weeks for my holiday! Im starting my exercise again this week (mainly cardio) after being in bed sick for a little while so hopefully all goes to plan!
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I'm in for this! My long term goal is to have a healthy lifestyle I can maintain by the time I turn 25 (in Jan 2012!) but taking it in smaller chunks is a good idea! My goal is to lose 20 to 24 lbs in 12 weeks.
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