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I really don't like alchol that much. There's always booze in the house here and no matter how stressed I am the thought of pouring myself a drink nevers occurs. I unfortunately only drank a bunch in college so I would feel like I "belong". Soon after graduation I had an "aha moment" where I thought, why am struggling to down a drink I think tastes like @ss and makes me feel sick. I'd rather have an ice cream sandwich than a shot of tequila any day.

When out, I like to order a club soda with lime. It honestly looks like a drink. If I'm at a club I'll slink away and order one. Then everyone pretty much assumes I'm drinking. I'll also take a brown beer bottle into the bathroom and fill it with water. It looks like beer. Sometimes I just say I'm driving. If I end up ordering alchol it's usually beer or wine (tends to be easier on my stomach), I have no problem just sipping them.

I went from drinking alot to barely drinking. I was downright shocked at how much noone cared. Usually it's the people I'm with or the lights/music/band of a bar (the atmosphere) that make it fun, not the actual booze. I've found I have MORE fun going out and drinking lightly if at all. I'm more confident, I killed my drunk texting problem , I have more money, my face doesn't get shiny and red and I don't need to worry about getting home.
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ok, i get that drinking several drinks per night can deter your weight loss. but what about a glass of red wine (4oz) with dinner. if it is included in your calorie allowance. has anyone had success with that?
i read an article that said any amount of alcohol can affect the cells in the body and not allow fat to be degraded....can that be true?
ive given up my evening wine for now, but i do sure miss it! i wonder if i can incorporate it into the diet on the weekends?
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Break-up yesterday and I got wasted... Time to see the effects in all their glory. I was thinking yesterday, "I'm really not one to binge..." But I do binge on alcohol. I guess it's the one thing I can never have just a few of. But I'm actually kind of tired of it... Sometimes I just get sleepy and think, "Why do I still drink?" Maybe I really should give it up. It's certainly not helping me get any thinner.
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I'm with you Astrild. That's why I just let myself do it once a month. That way I don't take it away completely, I still get one great drunken night and I don't kick myself for it all the time. I don't drink the whole rest of the month, and I deserve a great time like anyone else! I know drinking may not be the best option for a great time, but it certainly isn't the worst! lol
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I'm a huge beer snob. There's no way I'll give it up all together.

Right now I'm letting myself have one pint a week. But I'm going to make sure it's an awesome craft beer, no Bud Light for me!

I'm quite sure most of my weight gain in the past year has been due to my grad school "free food and beer by the pitcher" diet.
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Yeah, sorry - there's no way I'm *ever* giving up alcohol just to lose weight...

But, I figure, as long as I'm budgeting for those drinks in my calorie allowance and stick to things like red wine, whiskey on the rocks or Captain & diet - and do my best to avoid the late night snacking that comes along with drinking, I'll be alright.
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No alcohol here! It totally inhibits my weight loss!! Not to mention I tend to be more "liberal" with my eating when I've been drinking.
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I love to drink-- I'll typically have a couple nights a week where I'll have two glasses of wine-- and then one night a week where I have around 4 drinks. I like firefly skinny tea-- it's tea flavored vodka sweetened with truvia, it's great with lots of fresh lemon juice and a splash of club soda, or just as a shot. Hooray alcohol.
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I go out with friends and have drinks at least four times a month, sometimes more. I always drink grey goose and club soda/seltzer, splash of cran with a lime. I also make it myself. My rules are 1) no drinking M-Th 2) one drink when I'm around my child (which is almost all the time).

I like tomato soup when I'm hungry after drinking. I almost always have it on hand, and it's filling and low calorie. I also like to sometimes eat it in the morning when I wake up. If not that, I keep homemade zucchini/squash turkey meatballs in the freezer and homemade sauce just for these times.

Notice something? When I drink, I want tomatoes afterward. It's a natural hangover cure, so they say.
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I'm so curious about the alcohol and weightloss thing. Is it really fine so long as I work it into my daily calorie intake? I've heard mixed things about the liver not working in the same way when there's alcohol in your system and that weight loss is stalled during those times. I've also read a lot about how that's untrue.

I have a drink or two a few evenings a week and sometimes more when situations call for it, and I'm wondering if low levels of alcohol in my system (while under my daily calorie goal) is hurting my progress. I would love to not have to give it up!
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