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Default Need all kinds of support

I feel am so far down I don't know what to do with myself.

Professional: I am a teacher but, since I am a new teacher, I am getting laid off due to budget cuts next year. I have been looking for a new job and have not been successful. It is super-stressful to prepare for interviews and demo lessons and travel all over creation and I am always a finalist but never the final one. My last demo lesson, they called me up to tell me what a good job I had done, but that they were concerned that parents would "think I was too young" and that I would be constantly under scrutiny. So, I didn't get it.

Personal: I used to date someone for a long time. We then became friends and decided not to pursue a romantic relationship. 2 weeks ago, we were hanging out, and he started kissing me and we ended up sleeping together. I was an idiot and thought this meant something and got all romantic and hopeful. Two days later, while I was helping him clean his house, he went to "look something up online" and came back happily announcing he had gotten an email from a girl he knows agreeing to go out on a date with him. We got into a fight and I've decided that I can't be friends with him anymore because I have feelings for him that aren't going away. However, he was my best friend and we used to do fun things on the weekend. We also used to talk every day. Now I have nothing to do and no one to talk to. Also, I moved across the country recently and I have like 1 other friend in the area and that is it. I'm super-lonely.

Weight Loss: I am at 143.2 today, so that is a .2 loss from yesterday, but these last 20 lbs suck. I have literally only lost 24 lbs in the last 12 months and I am really diligent (though I don't exercise because I'm on my feet all day as a teacher). I've been dieting since December 2009 and I want to be done. I'm also sad to see all the people I started at 3FC have reached their goals, disappeared or otherwise moved on.

I am just so depressed. I feel like I'll never be thin or attractive or worth loving.

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The best thing I can say is to try and relax. I had a period of time where a few things went wrong all at once, then I freaked out. I started making decisions out of desparation and stress (these are never good decisions) and things went even more downhill QUICKLY. I ended up making the situation alot worse than it needed to be. It took me about 2 years to get back on track. Everyone goes through stretches where life just seems too hard. Realize now that it will pass.

Be as positive as you possibly can. Positive, happy people get more breaks. It seems like this guy was a loser anyway and you've spared yourself the trouble of getting anymore invested in him. While it sucks to almost get the job, it's better than having someone laugh and through your resume into the trash can. At least your only recently laid off and have experience. Don't give up. Hang in there.

Good Luck
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Don't despair! And don't forget, you are worthy of being loved NOW at your current weight and no matter what you weigh. i agree with the other poster- this guy wasn't giving you what you needed or wanted so better to be rid of him so you can focus on finding what you want and deserve, someone who can truly be with you.
The best advice i can give is to get out of the house and find some new friends! Maybe there's a running group or a hobby or something you can join to meet some new people. When in doubt go for a walk and get some exercise, it will always improve your mood. The economy is tough right now so you just have to keep trying and you will eventually find a job, sounds like you are more than qualified so keep on keeping on.

Woo woo woo! You can do it! You have done a great job with the weight loss so far so keep it up! Whenever i am feeling fed up with all the BS life keeps throwing at me i just remind myself it must all be character-building :-) I'm pretty sure i have enough character by now but all these trials make you a better, more empathetic person so that is something that is worth hanging on to...
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Coming from a chick that is a bit older than you and has been there---

That guy is a total dunce and idiot. You so need to be 100% done with him. He is not suited for your boyfriend OR best friend! Save your time, money and energy for those that deserve it! Clearly, he doesn't and most likely won't.

Professionally, keep working it. Education is getting hit in a thousand directions right now. Could you go back to school to perhaps get your Masters in something? Maybe you could find something in Education sales or writing curriculum for a publisher. Don't despair!

Weight wise. You are doing really well. You are very close to your goal and you WILL get there. Many of the gals here were much bigger than you to begin--it is sooo much easier to lose when you are bigger. The trail may be long but will eventually get you to where you want to be.

Last, fake it until you make it. Be there for yourself 110%. If you aren't, no one else will ever be. I have faith in you!
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I agree with the poster who suggested to try meeting new people! Have you tried Me and my boyfriend have been here for like 8 months now and we both have trouble making friends since we are both kinda anti-social. We found this 20-somethings Outdoor Adventure and Social Group for our city. He has met up with them once for a bike ride... and then we have 3 Sundays in a row we are going to meet up (2 hikes, 1 game of disc golf [didn't know what that was until I googled it - looks fun]). Good for my exercise and social life! There's all kinds of groups on that site - people who want to meet others with similar hobbies, people who want to play games, people with similar interests, people who want to do outdoorsey stuff... all kinds of things!

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