Techno Question

  • Hi Everyone! I'm not that best at being techno savy, so I would appreciate the help. I love how sometimes on the profiles I see the weight loss scale/signatures at the end of posts as well as the mini goals. I have been trying to figure out how to get this up and going on my profile for about a month now with no luck. HELP! haha. Thanks so much in advance.

    Speaking of techno savy stuff, I am using the loseit app on my phone, any other good apps out there that you guys like??? Let me know : )
  • Hi dust2bunny - It's not techo savy, it's just being given the information.

    It takes 20 posts and 20 days to be able to have a signature, as explained here:

    For phone apps, someone else has to help.
  • Thanks BillBlueEyes, nice to see you in the 20-somethings thread!

    dust2bunny - I know many of us use sparkpeople and FitDay for calorie info. I myself use Loseit! and have been very happy. I got it a year ago and used it to track all 50 lbs of my loss. Hope that's useful to you.
  • BillBlueEyes--I think it worked! Thanks for the help!

    Fromthebox: I will check those out, thanks for the suggestions : )