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Default no or low carb diet

has anyone done it??? i lost track of my diet and excersize due to school and other distractions, im so disapointed in myself, BUT im starting again, i need to change my diet plan from eating crap to eating healthy, so i was thinking about no carb i heard it really works, any thoughts? or advice?
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i've tried atkins before, the most popular "no/low carb" diet, and it works, but it does not allow room for your body to eat healthy sugars and carbs for energy. I despise that diet. i love fruit and that's why i count calories now.
As a general rule, if you want to do low carb, just cut out lots of bread products, but still try to get your carbs from fruit and vegetables. They're more natural, and just plain yummy. your body needs carbs for energy, and for weight loss at least 120g of carbs a day is good. you won't go crazy from having no bread and kill someone for a crouton. lol

*just a tip, i got a book called "calorie fat & carbohydrate counter" from the "calorie king", it's a little red, white and blue book and it's like my nutrition/diet bible. it was like 9 bucks at a book store. it tells you why/how low carb works, why/how low fat works, and everything inbetween. :3 i hope you give it a read and cling to it like i do!

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i barely eat bread or pasta, my weakness is ramen noodles, which are just terrible for you basically its just no bread, pasta, croutons, and what else?
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I do a 'selective carb' diet... I cut out things that pack little nutrition into their bulk... this includes breads and noodles made from white flour, white rice, potatoes, a lot of pre-packaged baked goods and snacks that have white sugar.

I still eat some... whole wheat breads and noodles, brown rice. I eat as much oatmeal, fruits, and veggies as I like. One of my better habits when I'm losing weight is simply to replace one of my meals each day with a bowl of oatmeal sweetened with fruit or yogurt. Low calorie and sustaining! One thing you need to check is labels! A lot of products will say 'wheat' or 'whole' on them and the main ingredient will still be white flour. Make sure it's not the main ingredient... it's just non nutritious calories and bad carbs.

Carbs can be GOOD though, and it is natural for your body to need them.
It is important to have some carbs in your diet for energy and good nutrition. No carb such as atkins works for some people but the whole idea of it is is it is something you do for a short while... not really a sustainable lifestyle. You'll eventually have to incorporate them back into your diet, so if you chose to do no-carb, make sure you still do research on good and healthy carbs, and don't build yourself up to think that all carbs are bad carbs. Losing weight and keeping it off is about a lifestyle change so make sure you do something that you can keep up with long term... years and years.

I agree with the book Rooka suggested! I have that little guy too and use it, and it can be found at the bookstore or ordered online. If you'd prefer to check on foods electronially gives easy access... you just sign up for an account, type in the foods you ate or are planning, and can track calories, fat, carbs, and a huge variety of other nutrients.
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Let me start by saying No Carb is DANGEROUS! Your body needs good carbs to function and for you to be healthy.
That being said, I just celebrated 7 years on Atkins Despite all the misconceptions concerning Atkins, done CORRECTLY, Atkins is healthy and does encourage adding fruits and whole grains in the long term.
My suggestion would be to do your research concerning LOW carb and don't even give NO carb a 2nd thought.
Just my 2 cents.
All the best to you!!

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I mainly count calories, but I have found lately that limiting my carbs helps me to lose weight at a more steady and fast pace. I've done super low carb diets before, and they work, but I always end up feeling so deprived as I love wheat bread and fruit. I have found that eating between 80-100 carbs a day (which is a low-moderate amount) allows me to eat that sandwich for lunch or piece of fruit as a snack, while also staying at a low enough amount of carbs to lose effectively. My advice would be to limit carbs for a while and see if you can stick with it. You may not even need to go super low!
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I count calories, but occasionally I do low-carb after a few rough days. This past weekend was crazy at my house, so today I had a veggie omelet for breakfast, a turkey burger with stewed tomatoes for lunch, ham slices for snack and I am having chicken with mushrooms and green beans for dinner. I will do low cab tomorrow and Wednesday to get rid of the binging urge. I sent all candy, French toast casserole, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, macaroni and cheese, etc. home with family members.
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