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Default i kinda feel like a loser..

and not the good kind . My fiance and I have a friend who has been around the whole time we've been together and we are all really close. Well he moved to a different state (farrrr away other side of the us) to be with his girlfriend. Well they're moving back after she graduates and that will be around the end of may.. I don't have many friends that I acutally hang out with.. I have a few close friends i'v had my entire life however, they've changed and I changed. I'm the only one who has a kid in my "group" and they're always out partying and being young. I don't blame them at all! I love my son more than life its self but sometimes I wish I could just go out and be a 21 year old. Anyways.. I find myself like stalking our friends girlfriend on facebook haha beacuse I want to be her friend! She is abot 3 years younger than I am. Needless to say.. I feel like a complete loser! I need friends my own age.. but I am so excited to have him back in our lives and our sons life that I want to like overly welcome them. Haha what a sad feeling.

I realize this isnt exactly about weightloss at all! but you guys are easy to talk to.
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It sounds to me like you need to find some friends in the same phase of life you're in (kids.) It's so nice when you have little kids to find people in the same boat because they understand why you have to call it a night at 7:30 and why you can't get piss drunk.

It was such a relief for me to make friends with people that got it. And now I have a social life again.
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I just moved to a new city about 4 hours between the place I grew up and the other city where I went to college for 6 years. Right now is an odd adjustment for me because I'm new to the area, know nobody, and I'm pregnant so I'm not feeling so well very often and don't have the motivation to get out and meet people. We live out in the country so it's not like I can walk next door and meet a bunch of neighbors.

It's frustrating. I'm hoping that I can find some people in the area to get to know who have similar situations as me (young kids). It's so difficult right now though because I'm wishing I were still with all my college friends, but even if they were around I wouldn't fit into the same situation. I know how you're feeling... don't have much advice for ya but sympathize!
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Try www.meetups.com! I found it to be painless and quite fun
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