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LadyWraith 04-15-2011 09:21 PM

WHAT is going on??
My frustration level is through the roof at this point. Monday I finally got down to 165. I had been kinda stuck at 167 for a couple weeks. I was feeling so good... my clothes were VERY loose, etc. I have been doing everything the same as far as calories and working out and suddenly I am, as of today, back up 3 lbs! 3 freakin', worked my a** off for them, pounds. And my clothes are tighter again so I know it's not just the scale trying to trick me. I'm so confused and irritated cause I've had consistent, regular weight loss up until now. Uggh. Is there something abut right after TOM that I'm not aware of as far as weight goes? These are, unfortunately, the moments when I feel like giving up. I know it's an asinine thought because I WILL eventually get over this hump but I'm tired of being overweight and I would just like to wave a magic wand and be done. I like to pinpoint my problems and eliminate them immediately so this long term goal attaining is difficult. I think I'm off to read some goal posts to remind myself why I'm doing this.

Fit4Lyfe 04-16-2011 02:14 AM

Aww honey...some people (me included) can hold onto water weight around TOM and it can make you feel bloated and make the scale go up, give it another week or two and if you're still plateau-ing, then you know it's time to shake it up! Calorie cycle, try a new exercise...keep the body guessing. But do NOT give up!!! You're 23 lbs in, that's almost halfway there!!! You can do this girl!!!

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