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Default Close to lowest adult weight...

I'm within 2 lbs of being of 160 which is my lowest adult weight. Everyday is a struggle. I have even tried to eat something small about every hour to keep my metabolism working, thinking it might help, but I'm still only losing .2 or staying the same. Before, the lbs were melting off. Do you think that it's because my body is close to what it was & is resisting? What can I do boost it? I'm thinking a cheat day might shock my system...I'm still eating 1600 calories per day, & like I said eating every hour to hour & a 1/2 to keep my body/metabolism in gear. Also doing the 30 day shred.

Help! I'm getting irritated that I'm not dropping like before. And ya ya ya...I know I'm still losing, but tell me why I'm not losing like before.
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You mad bro?
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Perhaps a cheat meal/day is in order. Or calorie cycling perhaps?
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Maybe changing up your exercise routine? If you've been doing the 30 day shred for awhile, your body might have gotten use to that level of activity and is not burning as many calories as it use to. Jog, bicycle, climb stairs, or try an elliptical.
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Wow. Congratulations on your weight loss. I'm new to dieting so I've been reading a lot about it. Maybe try uping your calories by 100 for a couple of days then dropping them back down. Just something I read. Idk if it will work but it worth a shot. Good luck!
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@Laney - I was totally calorie cycling & then read something the other day that said there is no scientific proof that that actually works, so I stopped.

@therex - I was thinking the same thing. I got AMAZING results doing it last month so I was thinking I could do it again & keep the toning going. This is my second round & I am bored & I hate it. lol So, maybe I can find something else that will keep toning but switch it up. Thanks!

@marley - Welcome!! I have a birthday party this weekend & I'm planning on indulging so I'm hoping that will spur something as well.
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Summer 2012! :)
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i look @ it through a mathematical/physics point-of-view:

as we get lighter, we require less energy to maintain our weight than when we did when we were morbidly obese. (the fact that we didn't lose weight when morbidly obese is mind-boggling. to think of all the calories we took in to MAINTAIN that; let alone keep gaining!!!) so, we require less energy to lose weight. & we require less energy to gain weight. & we require more energy to keep gaining weight as we get bigger again.

that's why it's so hard to lose after a certain point. because the amount of energy it takes to maintain gets really low. that's why it's so hard to maintain. we can only eat so little w/o losing our sanity.

the only other option is to increase exercise. but we all have lives to attend to. we only have so much time in a day. so, that's another reason. but...we CAN do the same stuff/same amount of time but go harder/faster. i.e.: high intensity interval training. if you're not wanting to puke @ the end of it, you're doing it wrong; plain & simple. you shouldn't be able to know what your own name is @ the end. & i mean that it the most painfully deadly way. if you're not wanting to kill yourself, it's not proper high intensity interval training. it makes you feel like death.'s IMMENSELY effective. that shti uses up a$$-loads of energy. the harder it is, the more energy it uses up.

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@MadisonAvePhoto, well congratz on getting this far. The last few lbs are always the slowest and hardest to loose but hang in and the weight will come off...
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