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Wow, lots of weddings! Congratulations guys!

@lackadaisy I forgot that I'm graduating too.. WE SURVIVED COLLEGE! I'm so excited.

Another thing I'm excited for: the Ohio Renaissance Festival. I told my boyfriend we're going full-costume this year :)
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Camping, hiking, fishing! Walking the dogs farther than up and down the driveway 6 times!

I'm excited for my first 5K in May, then my 2nd in May! And I actually am trying to search out other benefit walks to walk in. I am doing two more in October, but I want something in between May and October!

My husband got me new sneakers as a reward for losing my first 10% so I am wicked excited to break those in. So far I've only been able to wear them while walking in the mall (like exercise walking, not shopping walking).

Last year I would have said I was excited for ice cream, long drives, fried food at festivals and flip flops. What a change!!
I still am excited about ice cream, but I "found" a local shop that has Only 8. It's a soft serve frozen yogurt that is only 1 pt+ for a 1/2 cup. And it's yummy! And instead of long drives, I'm looking forward to finding new trails and long walks. Fried foods, not even going to miss them! I *might* share a small fried dough with hubby, but even as I think about it, I'm kind of turned off...sounds gross! I can't wait to get my pooches out and about!
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My sister and her husband are moving back to the state after she has her baby (my first real niece!) and I couldn't be more excited! I'm also excited to go camping and rock climbing this summer. Need to lose a bit to do the latter, but hopefully I can start incorporating it into my work outs for strength training.
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I completely forgot--I am WICKED excited to go to this place called Monkey Trunks. It's an discovery/adventure course type deal. They have zip lining (I've always wanted to do), high and low ropes course and a drop zone. I am super excited to reach a fitness level that will allow me to do this. I am hoping by early fall I can. If not, I will try for spring 2012!
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I am excited for summer!!! It's my favorite season. I'm excited for shorts, flip flops, bikinis (well, maybe) and the beach!! I looove going to the beach I'm also excited for a few cheat days at the fairs! lol.
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I'm excited for the pool to open. Always have a ton of fun there with the kids. Excited about the other activities like our big county fair.
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Summer is going to be THE BEST! I've literally been planning how great it's going to be since mid-November. And by planning I mean making a detailed list (it's on the fridge). Besides the most obvious source of excitement (the SUN) there is so much to look forward to!
1. My first nephew being born at the end of May!
2. Running my first half marathon in the beginning of May
3. Reaching my goal weight
4. Swimming in the lake
5. Hiking and running outside
6. Road trip!
7. No work- one of the many reasons being a teacher is awesome .
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drive in!! Totes excited! I love having a drive in! Plus my hubby just bought me a popcorn maker so I can make healthy popcorn to take with us, ah nom nom. Popcorn = greatest weakness
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One day at a time!
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I'm SUPER excited for Valleyfair! My best friend, my sister, and I all have season passes. I'm hoping to tone up enough to feel comfortable in shorts and a tank top. I love amusement parks!

Also excited for CAMPING!! We are going hiking near Lake Superior. Trying to get in good enough shape so I won't be huffing and puffing

Lastly...The Minnesota State Fair. Going to enjoy ONE treat and look hot and sexy walking around. Hope to be around 125-130...wishful thinking?
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