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Thought I'd bump up this thread since I just made it to 199.4... so I'll probably be here a little while. But still very excited!
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I feel like I've been stuck in the 190's forever. I didn't start long-term tracking until about a month ago so I can't say exactly how long it's been, but it feels like a really annoying plateau.
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Oh I know for sure I've gotten out and hopped right back in a few days later! I'm back to 193, don't know how long it's gonna take me to get to 189, but I'm determined to do it!
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Hello. I was looking for a group to join or somewhere to post and seeing as I am at 192lbs I thought here would be good for me if that's ok. I would very much like to be out of the 190s thank you very much lol ASAP!
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My efforts to get out of the 190s lately have made me want to bang my head against the wall.

I weighed in on Monday 9/5 at 191.4. Then I dropped down the next day to the high 190s. After that I ate perfectly (borderline starved myself) for 3-4 days with little budge in the scale. The lowest number I saw was a 190.0 and that wouldn't move.

Then I ran a difficult 10k race that Saturday. I didn't go insane but ate some pasta the night before and a lot of pizza after the race. I found myself up to 194 something and practically lost it. The past few days I've been better with staying OP (but not great).

Yesterday = 192.9

Today = 192.0

Today's number got me excited because I ate terribly yesterday. I think this undeserved number was just what I needed to get re-energized about cracking the 180s. Hopefully the few days off reved up my metabolism enough to get me over the hump.

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so after being in the 190's for about ever. seriously like the longest time ever, I finally weighed in for the second day at 189.2 today. yesterday i was at 189.8

Hope you ladies join me in the 180's thread soon!
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I feel you ladies. Tuesday 9/13 I weighed in at 194.0... I havnt been or seen the 180s since I was in the 8th grade.. soooo ready to get out of the 190s!
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Woohoo, grats Mickey!

And I'm the same way.. I haven't seen the 180s since college, so I'm excited. My lowest recorded weight in 5 years is 193. Sooo close. And that was when I accidentally lost 20 pounds in a month because I was so stressed out about my new job.

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YES! For the last three or so months... Ugh. Hopefully this month is it! I let my diet and exercise fall by the wayside after my boyfriend (now fiance) proposed - when instead it should be made me even more motivated! After a week of looking up old photos of a thin me, I'm back on track! Nothing like a blast from the past to pump it up!
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