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Default So will this be it?? WIll I finally conquor this weight battle this time????

SO I was doing extremely good for about 2 weeks, lost 12 lbs & was ecstatic then I ended up cheating a little last Thursday & it was all down hill from there. Ya see, I can't just get back on the ball after a cheat, i beat myself up so bad & end up eating like crap & feeling like crap for days after. Thats what I did this time, I stopped going to the gym & been eating as if food is going to be extinct. Well I really came to grips with myself & decided once & for all I am so done with this weight & need it gone NOW! I told myself this year will be my year & I refuse to go another summer being BIG. I still have just a little under 3 months to accomplish my goal of losing 50-60 lbs but when I say I WILL DO IT THIS TIME what makes it so different from all the other times iv failed?? What I am saying is I'm very excited to restart my "healthy lifestyle" again, but I'm also scared bc I've messed up so much what makes this time so different? i also am unemployed right now ( i got laid off from work & we automatically got unemployment compensation) & i figured why not use this time to really dedicate myself to this weight loss journey??? so I really have the next 6 months to go hard & DO IT. I was watching that MTV show I USED TO BE FAT & its so motivating! Especially bc they set a certain time where they want to reach their goal & thats what I've done for myself too. I know they have personal trainers&stuff, but I joined the gym that offers all these aerobic classes + everything else they offer at a gym & I have all the time in the world so I think dropping 50-60lbs by the summer is achievable & a few years back I remember going on a strict diet & lost 62lbs in just under 3 months & that was w/o exercise so I know I can do it BUT IM JUST SCARED THAT MY OLD WAYS WILL SET IN!!

SO if you read this #1 thanks for hearing me out #2 encouriging words would be great at a time like this

thanks everyone! 3FC rocks!
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I would suggest letting yourself have a little more time because losing weight like that is actually unhealthy it takes muscle along with the fat. However, I say go for it! I know how you feel ive said that t myself over and over "this it it, this is it, this is it" This time it IS different. Why? Becuse I am prediabetic, I have pcos and I want kids asap. I have a blog I use as my food journal, I use trackers to see my progress and that helps. Try to identify what happened when you binged and try to avoid that. Easier said than done, but if you can identify it you can also come up wiht a plan of action for when the situation comes up again.
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Hey Candy! Awesome post -I have sent you a private message!

I believe through hard work, determination and perseverance you can achieve anything! Including your weight loss goals! Good luck!
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seeing the question marks in the title tell me no. You cannot do something unless YOU believe you can.
We have a natural defense mechanism that allows us to be unsure, and then if we fail its no biggie.
Set your goals! and believe you can, if not all the weight, set 1/2 the weight, wouldn't it be better to be 30lbs lighter, than the same size? if you are not sure you can make the target, make that target small enough that you can tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT!
the internal mind can either create or destroy, create your goal, set your mind and be sure you can, and its amazing what you can do.
I believe you can do it, but that wont get you across that line. I hope you come to a point when you truelly KNOW you can do it!

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