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I would def go to the owner and share what you have just shared with us. The instructors shouldnt make you feel bad and they certainly shouldnt be comparing members etc. Im sure you are paying for you membership which means you help to pay the instructor's salary.

Congrats on your progress and keep up the good work!
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Originally Posted by Matilda08 View Post
I would def go to the owner and share what you have just shared with us. The instructors shouldnt make you feel bad and they certainly shouldnt be comparing members etc. Im sure you are paying for you membership which means you help to pay the instructor's salary.

Congrats on your progress and keep up the good work!
I agree I've never been to one of these classes but i don't think its in the rules that she can talk to you like that, never mind only show some of the members a certain move, and not try to incorporate the other members.
you just need to tell the manager that you don't pay their gym to be talked down to like that, im sure the owner would agree.

if she does or doesn't loss her job you shouldn't let this stop you from going back to the classes. she is in no way in the right for how she talked to you and the other woman and she shouldn't be allowed to make you feel worse about yourself. she needs to know she isn't allowed to talk to people that pay her salaries.

and Congrats on the success!!
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First of all I would NEVER go back to her class. There is obviously no way to enjoy it while she is still the teacher of it, based on the aforementioned behavior and her obvious BIAS and BIGOTRY toward people larger than a bean pole. I agree with everyone who said go to the manager/owner. This is unacceptable. A fitness instructor is supposed to PUSH you, not hold you back. She is demeaning and not challenging you to reach your full potential. The owner/manager needs to know, and you need to find a better, more encouraging teacher. Good luck chica, and for God's sake don't go back to that woman's classes again.
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Default Thank You!

Thank you so much everyone!!! I appreciate it soo much and you all made me feel better. I am still not sure what to do bc I really feel if I report her nothing will happen & it will cause tension bc I feel like she would know its me bc of how she reacted to me on Friday. I think ima take a week off from her class & do other things at the gym. Let it blow over. It does suck bc I pay $40 a month for the membership & im struggling to pay that! And to get this type of treatment is NOT COOL. & shes the only one that teaches that class on Wednesdays & Fridays so its not like I can go to a different instructor for the same class. So I guess for now theirs nothing I can do.

Thanks again everyone I appreciate it so so so so much!

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I'm not the kind of woman who holds her tounge. I definitely would have said something right then and there in front of everyone to make sure she looked like an $%#@$! Make sure she understood me and that I wasn't going to put up with anymore of her "comments".

I'm sorry that happened to you. Chin up! Prove the skinny [email protected]#$ wrong
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I'm going to reiterate the plea to report her to someone at the gym, but for a different reason:

What happens when she does the same thing to someone who doesn't have the support community that you do? What if its a young woman who develops an eating disorder, or another unhealthy way of dealing with the unwarranted shame this woman is doling out?

I know you and others have suggested that it would hurt your relationship with her, but as it stands your relationship with her IS broken, at least on your end. It is not okay to protect a relationship where YOU feel frustrated and offended and SHE feels justified.
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What an awful woman, id stop going and find another venue. Ur keeping her in pocket u shouldnt have to put up with that.
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I would tell her to STFU and stop being a useless cow and just do her job. I wouldn't tolerate that, and I sure as **** wouldn't tolerate listening to someone say that to someone else either. Stand up for yourself the next time she says something, people like that a bullies and it makes them feel in power to belittle other people because of their own insecurities. I'd also report her to and get your money back and maybe try classes some place else.
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dumb bithc is dumb. moving on. disregard idiocy. acquire goals.

i teach classes, too, & i would never say such trivial nonsense. pure garbage. i'm also an incredibly nice individual, who has also been morbidly obese.

if you complain, she probably won't get fired. it's really hard to get certified & to find teachers. no one wants to teach. so, there's a bunch of us who teach @ all the gyms.

but it's worth a shot. see what happens. you may be pleasantly surprised that the moron won't be there next time.

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Sounds like the gym instructor lacks communication skills.

I am a martial arts instructor and have big people in my class (and i was very big at one stage) I think the view she might have been coming from was more fear of you hurting yourself, remember each movement or excercise with your extra weight (not being judgemental ) puts so much more pressure on every joint of your body. Remember she will get into trouble if someone is injured in her class due to being excercises beyond their abilities/bodies.

I give different level work to different people in my classes, It allows those that are more comfortable to still move forward and be challenged, and sometimes there will be others who can not do that particular work, Telling someone that it will get easier or telling them whats best for them in her eyes is not always the best way to communicate though . (though in your case sounds like you could do the work, but maybe shes forgetting not everyone can be painted with the same brush)

Are there other classes with a different instructor, she does sound insensitive to your needs, and with crappy communication and walking out of classes feeling low, its not a great way to keep you motivated.
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