I'm back!!

  • So, I screwed up and got bogged down. I'm back now though. I've come to accept my limitations and am searching for new ways to work out. I've started getting into Vinyasa Yoga, since it doesn't cause me too much pain. I'm also walking a lot. No more running for me though.

    I've been away long enough that I had to reactivate my account, so I think it's about time!

    Wedding in four months!

    Current weight: 203.6

    Goal by April 17 : 195

    End Goal: 145/130 (depends on how I feel when I get there)

    "Sometimes your the dog, sometimes your the tree!"
  • Congrats on your return! Taking the first step is the hardest, but you know you've made the right decision! Good luck
  • Welcome back, and good luck with reaching your goal!
  • welcome back! i been gone for a while as well but now im back goodluck to you and me!