Hello 190s! *again* belive in yourself!!:D

  • I went down to 197 but then i went back to 200, now im back to 195 and staying off!! excited!!!

    Now i think when i "cheat" on food, im cheating on myself... no more!

    I finally get it.. you have to believe in yourself to lose the weight!
    All the other times Ive tried to lose it and failed was b/c my head was not right, I was negative about myself and not believing in me. Im not sure if its b/c my age im more mature and focus but i get it now.

    DANG so close.. AHHH!!!

    Thank you to this site, I love all the lovely ladies that are so inspiring!
  • I feel the same way! If you're head's not in the game, you'll never win. Congratulations on being in the 190's (agian!)
  • It's all about believing in yourself, and you have had such huge success so far! There's no limits to what you can do when you commit to it! Sometimes it takes a mistake to learn a really important lesson