30 Day Shred Daily Check-In

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  • I've done this off and on since I first bought it over a year ago and I LOVEE it. Gonna start again today

    bust 38'
    waist - 27.5'
    hips - 41'
  • My 30DS stint is turning into a 90DS thing with how I'm having to alternate workouts at home and the gym lol..argh!
  • Impulse took over and I bought this video more or less to learn some new things and incorporate them into my own routine.

    How effective is it "sweat" wise? I checked out a few clips from Youtube and the intensity level doesn't seem like much of a shred. Could be because they were only clips, maybe after they're strung together it shines.

    - L89
  • Lurker, seriously, just try it. It will kick your a$$. There's a reason that each level is only 20 minutes. Most people don't make it through the whole workout the first day.
  • I decided to start this March 1st so today is day 2 of my Shred. Here are my pre-Shred measurements.

    Weight- 197.5, Bust- 41, Waist-34, Hips-46, Thighs-27.5.

    March 1-Lv1, day 1
    March 2-Lv1, day 2
    March 3-Lv1, day 3
    March 4-Lv1, day 4
    March 5-Lv1, day 5
    March 6-day off
  • Lol, it's pretty intense...

    Anyways.. I'm going to restart this after my 5K on Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Eek.
  • @MadisonAvePhoto ~ Love the new pic, you're so darn cute!
  • Haha thanks Chantelle! It's my friends' & familys' favorite picture of me ever. It cracks me up
  • Sw: 173.8
    Bf: 29.87%

    02/25: L1 D1
    02/26: L1 D2
    02/27: L1 D3
    02/28: L1 D4
    03/01: L1 D5
    03/02: L1 D6
  • can't really contribute weight or measurements (no tape and weigh-in only on friday) but i just did day 5 last night. yay. it was haaaaaaaaard.... lol!
  • @Kawaii - Today was hard for me too! I hate that woman!
  • Oh... my gosh. It came in the mail today. Thought I'd give it a try. 10 minutes in I wanted more than anything to turn it off but bargained with myself a little (ok self, you can rest during this round of butt kicks, then back to it.) I made it through the whole video (taking some breaks) and afterward I could barely lift my arms to change my shirt. I have a feeling I won't be able to move tomorrow.
    But anyway.

    3/02: L1 D1
  • Good job, fruition!! The very first time I did a couple years ago, I didn't make it through. I think I stopped after 10 minutes. You'll be sore for a couple days, but then you'll be just fine! Keep it up, girl!
  • Can I join? I'm getting in on this a little late, sorry ladies! But I love me some Jillian, and I need to reshape my body, so I"m committing to 30 days with her. JM kicks my a$$!!

    SW: 179.8 (yes, I count the .8)

    2/28: L1 D1
    3/1: L1 D2
    3/2: L1 D3

    AWESOME! Jillian Michaels can kick my butt ANY time. Will weigh in officially after one week, but I'm already seein' the scale move... AWESOMENESS!!
  • Starting Stats:
    Weight - 142, Body Fat - 28%, Bust - 38, Waist - 30, Hips - 37

    2/22 - L1 D1, 15 minute Yoga
    2/23 - L1 D2
    2/24 - L1 D3
    2/25 - Rest day
    2/26 - L1 D4, 45 minute walk/run
    2/27 - L1 D5
    2/28 - L1 D6
    3/01 - L1 D7
    3/02 - L1 D8