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Hi! I am 28. I would like to lose about 40 pounds. I was wondering if anyone would like to exchange e-mails with me. I would like to have some support as I work toward my goal. I am trying to cut down on the junk food and the late night snacking. I try to do some form of exercise every day. I hope to hear from you. E-mail me at [email protected]
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Default weight loss

Good luck with your weight loss. Please feel free to e-mail for support I am also on aol instant messenger under jentaboo. I know what a struggle weight loss can be, I'm 25 and just divorced three weeks ago after 4 years of marriage and am now trying to get back into the "old" me. I understand how sometimes it feels like no matter what you do you are getting no where and that makes it even more difficult to keep trying and easier to cheat at dieting. My mother is a beautiful lady but I have watched her go up to 232 and down to 118 then back up - and down - and up. Her weight has been a yo-yo since I was born and she first gained "twenty" pounds from being pregnant and went on a tuna diet until it was gone. Seeing her weight struggle has made me more in tuned to my weight and weaknesses. Eventhough it's hard - and it is - the end results make it worthwhile. When I married I was a size 7/8 and I went all the way up to a size 16 within the first two years of marriage. I would make excuses for it such as miscarriage, culture changes (my ex was a marine), eating the fried foods my spouse lived off, working too much --- anything. When my ex left for Japan for six months I dropped back down to a size 9/10 and was very happy. However, during the next two years I got back into the "wife" (you know putting your likes and needs last - every women does it one way or another) habits and slowly climbed back up to a solid 12 - comfortable 14. However, I decided on a divorce November 29th and by the beginning of February I was in size 6 and 7/8. So it is possible. I know there are MANY times I don't want to exercise and a fried egg sounds better than a boiled egg, and people who create "servings" were midgets --- but, the struggle pays off when you walk in a room and people turn their heads -- just remember that it all boils down to your inner strength everyone can help but you need to make the steps.

Remember Napolean's last stand - VENI, VIDI, VICI -- latin meaning I came I saw I conquered.

Keep it up!
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