20 Somethings Photos ~Round 5~

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  • Love seeing the progress!! Keep 'em coming!
  • My apologies for my inability to resize pics (and the dirty mirror in the second pic). But here they are: before-

    And current!
  • WTG you look great!
  • WOW tattoodles!!! AMAZING! you look great!! I hope you're so proud of yourself!!
  • Thanks guys! I am pretty happy with what I've accomplished so far. But I wish my weight would have never gone to the point it did. I weighed more in my before pic than I did in this pic which was on my due date when I was prego:

  • I recently got a hair cut i'm really excited about, i've been wanting a chelsea forever. You can't really see it in this photo, but look at my jawline! I've never really had one as defined before so i'm pretty excited, lol.

  • Tattoodles and therex, you guys are both looking awesome!
  • tatoodles! You give me hope that my goal of 135 will give me an awesome tummy =) That is definitely where I carried my weight prior so it is seemingly being stubborn and the last to go, damn stomach!!!

    Therex, your style is just BEYOND adorable!!! I wish we could see your hair cut!!! Love the jaw line =)
  • The first pic is me and DH from Christmas 23 pounds heavier than today. The second pic is from a couple weeks ago (the most recent one I've got), I've lost about 8 pounds since then. The biggest differences to me are my face and arms, yay!

  • WOW jmko - huge difference! You're gorgeous!
  • heres some pics of my progess so far.....


    And So Far....

    sorry for some of the pics being big
  • omg.. you all look so awsome. cant wait to see my jawline.. cant wait to feel beautiful. Huge gratz to all of you!
  • I just bought some new clothes for my holiday tomorrow, so I thought I'd post some pics! I feel like I still have a little way to go, but I think the outfits are cute anyways!

  • Great job everyone!

    nienna- love #2! Super cute.
  • Nienna, ADORABLE!!!!! Love that first dress!!!