20 Somethings Photos ~Round 5~

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  • Criss: You look fantastic!!! I absolutely love your bathing suit!
  • Comparison time!
    OK, now that I have access to my photos again here are those comparison ones I mentioned.

    First from 149

    and then same outfit at 138 Please forgive stupid morning-face

    And then an NSV I guess, these are the white capris I bought for my Graduation party from HS (see grad photo) I thought I was a fat pig in HS and ever since I've wanted to look that good again. (probably 157)

  • ^ Holy CRAP, you look so amazing.
  • Wow, you guys are such an inspiration! You look wonderful!

    I took these in the dressing room at Old Navy yesterday... I def think I *LOOK* thinner, but the weight isn't budging much this week.
    Size medium top, size large bottoms (stretchy workout pants)

  • Hello, -60.

    Obligatory before picture @ ~243.5, chugging Beverly (the most horrible tasting soda in the world) at the World of Coke with my sister's husband and my bf.

    Earlier today @ 183.5. Shirt and jacket from Dress Barn. I had no idea they had such nice clothes! I bought two tanks, that jacket, and FOUR dresses!
  • So today I tried on all of the clothes in my closet and everything fits. That actually made me mad b/c now I don't have anything else to try on and to aspire to get into. So I decided to go to the mall and try stuff on haha. That was bad b/c I ended up buying some stuff.
    174.6 today

    I bought this top. Those jeans are True Religion... the first time that I could actually fit into and button up some designer jeans

    I bought this dress. Since I can fit into everything in my closet, now my goal will be to make this dress look nice on me

    Didn't buy this one but I liked it. Wayyy to short
  • Lookin' good retro! I love the shirt and dress.
  • thanks tropica!
  • All of these photos have got me inspired!!! Thanks!
  • All yall ladies look fabolus! Just wanted to post a new update picture of me at 128.6! I'm thrilled.

  • I know some of you wanted to see my new haircut, so here it is (sorry they're so big!)

    and this one is from today...I had fun styling it:

  • 274 lbs:

    204 lbs:

    i'm so happy i can wear heels again!

    all of you girls are looking freaking incredible and seeing your progress photos is so inspiring.

    retro -- i LOVE the dress you bought!
  • Looking great guys!

    tropica - The hair is adorable!
  • I weighed in with a 30 pound loss today so I decided to finally post some pics. The one of the left is from mid-October 2010, about a month before I started my weight-loss project. The one on the right is from this afternoon. My high weight was 172.6 lbs and today was 142.6 lbs!

  • Well...This is a picture that I posted in the 20 Something Photos Round 3 on page 9 I think...

    And the sad part is I'm back up to 231 now. I haven't taken a picture, but I'm pretty sure there would not be much of a difference from that 243 picture. I am so disappointed in myself. 187 Was the lowest I could remember being since middle school. I felt great, and I was only 37 pounds away from my goal. Now I'm 81 pounds away. I've more then doubled the amount that I have to lose to reach my goal in less then a year. I am so extremely disappointed in myself. Hopefully in the next month or so I'll be able to post some good comparisons of how I am now to how I will look then...and maybe that will help me feel like i'm accomplishing something...but right now I feel like I've already lost this weight and that it shouldn't even count until I get below 180...I can't think of a better way to explain it. It's just so frustrating.