20 Somethings Photos ~Round 5~

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  • Madi- you look amazing, girlfriend! Congrats!
  • Madi - you look awesome! What are you doing to get such skinny arms? lol. That seems like the last place my fat is leaving.
  • Wow guys this thread is totally inspiring ! It's amazing seeing the progress so many of you have made, and the cute outfits ! hahaha can't wait to be able to go buy a new wardrobe....
  • Everyone is looking great, this thread is my primary motivation! I check it every day

    My friend posted a picture of us and it made me look quite thin. One of those pictures where you're posed JUST right to look thinner than you really are It made me smile.

    I'm in the blue.

  • Ok, no current photos due to me making really stupid faces in them, but a couple from the last two weeks in which I feel pretty. Most of these are in the 145-140 range.

    In the first one I had just gotten home from buying new bras and felt good, I was around 145 wearing size 9/10 AE jeans and a large top.

    In the next two, I was dressed for second date with my boyfriend. He said I looked better than he imagined!

    and finally, while out window shopping while wearing shorts in public (!) for the first time in years I snapped a quick photo, 141 here in sz 9 shorts that were a bit tight, thank goodness for flattering angles!

    Everyone looks great, keep up the work ladies and I promise I've got a good set of comparison pics coming.
  • FTBOX- you look AWESOME

    Garstar- not sure what you mean by "look thinner than you really are"..YOU ARE THIN!!!!
  • Just a couple new ones! The first one is at a work photo shoot, and the second was the first night I had out in a long time!



  • Everyone looks so amazing!great progress!
  • jmko Which one are you ?
  • Yall all look awesome!
  • You guys all look amazing! Awesome job everyone!
  • Man, everyone looks so great. I love reading back all the pages I've missed since I've been here last. It's SUPER motivational!

    This is the first bikini I have worn in EIGHT years. I nearly weeped when I got it. I never, never, NEVER thought I'd be able to wear one again.
  • Criss- you look amazing and have affirmed that my goal at 135 is just right! HOT HOT HOT!
  • Wow Criss great curves!!!! And such a flat flat tummy....Im so jealous ) You look fantastic
  • wow, Criss! What a difference! You were beautiful before, but you're glowing now! Plus, I love that suit!