20 Somethings Photos ~Round 5~

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  • Are you sure you aren't using a body double Lost? You are doing great! Keep it up!! Your little guy is cute! I have a 4 year old, it is so bittersweet how fast they grow!
  • Lucid- so jealous of your bikini bod! I would wear it proudly in public if i was you! I doubt even when I get to goal I'll be able to wear one. My belly took a beating after the 60 pounds I gained with my son, then eventually lost it, gained some, lost a little, got pregnant with my daughter and gained 40, now down 67ish. Luckily I don't really have stretch marks (theyre super faded and dont bother me at all) but it's not "tight". Oooh well!
  • ryeb...haha, nope just one me. Thank you for your encouragement. My oldest son is 4. He will be started preschool this Fall. Can't believe it.

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    This is my most current picture Me in 140 or 141 rather. I don't have a before picture since I ran from camera at all cost and I m on my laptop atm.
  • You look great, Ivonnely! Love your skirt and the pigtails!
  • lost!!! WOW!!What a huge difference!!
  • aww thanks Kendra! i do have some stretch marks too, the faded ones PHEW
  • Thanks, Luccid
  • Outstanding!
    I just joined today and wish i would have found this site sooner. You all look PHENOMENAL! I cannot wait to be posting pictures here! Keep up the great work you all are my inspiration!
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  • Congrats, chloe! You can do it!
  • Chloe That first picture made me crack up. =D Congrats on the loss, you look great!
  • Hehe...I guess I wasn't clear. That is an OLDER picture with the weight loss. I fell into a bad binging place and gained 60 lbs in almost 2 yrs . That is my motivational pic!
  • Ohh lol ...oops

  • I made that last year, this is me now

    Not a big difference... my weight has been up and down with all the things going on in my life recently but I am currently 179 (was down to 163 but I wasn't eating like I should've been when that happened)