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I was wondering if anyone has been/wants to join the military. It was my plan after graduating from college and I was in ROTC. Unfortunatly I gained weight (20lbs) in college and that's frowned upon by the military... I ended up getting the boot because of it. I really want to get back down to weight and make another go of it. Any suggestions? Anyone been in a similar situation? I'd appreciate any help you could give.
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I am a former Airforce medic. My husband is still in the Airforce, a firefighter. We are stationed in Okinawa, Japan at the moment. The only suggestions I can give is to eat healthy meals, and EXERCISE! Certain jobs in the military are very taxing physically, so you need aerobic/cardio endurance. I got out of the military when I got pregnant with my 1st daughter, and since then had gained a whopping 85 pounds on my 5'5" inch frame, putting me at 210. I am now 200 even. My biggest suggestion is to check out
I am doing the challenge myself, and I LOVE it! I officially started yesterday. I did the "challenge" after I had my 1st daughter and went from a size 22/20 to a 12. I got pregnant before I got to finish my 12 weeks, and subsequently gained all of it back. Now I am ready to go again. You can also read about in Muscle Media Magazine.
This is a LIFESTYLE change, not a diet.
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Well, I am a FUTURE former member of the United States Army.
I am enlisted and that is as far as I will go into my own rank. I have been in the military for 4 - almost 5 years now.

Officers have longer days than most other soldiers and keep in mind that, as with the enlisted ranks, an officers work day just gets longer with the increase in rank.

You need to be in very good physical condition and willing to stay that way for a very long time... through deployment and depression -- you are a soldier 24 hours a day 7 days a week... People may try to sell it to you as a 9-5 job - and many days it is, but there are an equal amount of days that it is not.

Along the lines of your physical condition, the level of respect you will recieve is inexorably tied to your level of fitness. If you cannot lead a run (which you will be doing once a week as a commander), if you can't make it through an obstical course, or max out on your PT test, there will be issues of respect. As a leader respect is something you have to earn and you HAVE to have.

Another important thing you should keep in mind comming in to the military as an officer is that you will be a "head of household". Your soldiers will be your family, remember you probably don't LIKE every member of your family. But they are yours and you will look into all of their faces and realize that YOU are the one they will look to for a standard. An NCO can only do so much and we need guidence as well. They will be looking to you in times of rest as well as war. War --- think about that for a minute. Iraq is hot, so is Turkey and Kuwait -- and so is Africa! When Dr.Suess wrote "Oh, the places you will go!" That wasn't what I had in mind, but what I had in mind and what the Army had in mind are two different things.

Your personal health and fitness is KEY to military life and leadership. I am 40lbs over my normal weight, and I feel like a failure everytime I get winded on a run or just have a hard time keeping pace in training. Its been 102 degrees here (germany) ... full battle rattle - if you were in ROTC you know what I am talking about... that puts an even greater strain on your body - and don't forget that MOPP gear adds an extra 10 degrees to your temp.

But, if you think you are up for it -- then GO FOR IT! Be a leader! Be fit and strong - physically, mentally, and emotionally. God knows we need more real Leaders out here. But if you arn't sure -then don't join, and don't until you are ready.

Think about it and good luck!

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