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Default This is why I don't weigh myself

I need to vent...

Today I clocked in at 189!!! That is FOUR POUNDS up from last week. Have I changed anything? No. Am I working out every day? Yes. Am I eating 100% on target? Yes. At this time last week I was 185.2!

TOM is just around the corner...and I do retain water like nobody's business. I gave up the scale last summer and just went by jeans size because it was too stressful to step on that beast every day. I am trying to not go bury my sorrows in a pint of anything from monsieurs Ben and Jerry...but boy do I want to.
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I feel ya, I know how frustrating that can be!! I would suggest guzzling tons of water, since that will help you not retain as much water (p.s. that is still the weirdest thing I've ever heard). I know a lot of women have this issue right before TOM - I don't, but mine also last months at a time - but you probably have a substantial loss coming soon. Stick with it, maybe change up your menu or workout routine, you can push through it!!
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Hi there
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I'm so sorry. I'm right there with you. It is driving me bonkers. But ya know what, if you keep on operating at a calorie deficit that weight is gonna go!
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I consume no more than 1800 mgs of sodium/day just to avoid the problems of flip flopping weight....that drives me crazy!

You may want to monitor your sodium the way to watch calories, fat, etc. You'll have less weight fluctuations on low sodium diet.
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one day at a time :)
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Aw that really sucks. It's frustrating seeing an old number you hoped to never see again. Just know that it will go away again!
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I've stopped weighing myself everyday because I couldn't take the anxiety of the ups and down. I weigh myself every two weeks, on the day I get paid. I hope to be able to not have to even weigh myself at all.
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I have an official weigh in every monday. I still get on the scale throughout the week sometimes (because its addicting!! lol) but i disregard the up and downs throughout the week, and go w/ the official number each monday, which has helped me tremendously from getting bent out of shape. Im just like you with TOM, I get intense cravings around this time too... and its always for bad food. Hate, Hate, Hate TOM.
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Hey, you are doing awesome. I bet you dont FEEL like you have gained 4 pounds in a week. You havent, your body produces extra water saving hormones right before your period. Women's bodies are pretty smart like that, they prepare for the loss about to take place. Dont worry about it! Bust your butt at the gym tonight and down a few extra glasses of water. I anticipate a large drop in your very near future
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Thanks ya'll I am still really down, I lost four pounds last week and even if I lose the water weight it just feels like the same 'two steps forward, three steps back' stuff.

Food question:
I don't eat sugar, or bread...I stick to a whole foods religious, and replaced grains with beans to cut back on my carb intake, so this is just really frustrating. Might incorporate oatmeal back into my diet. I checked out the calories, and I ate less calories per day when I didn't eat oatmeal (always steel cut oats) or cereal (100% whole grain and sugar free, of course), but I feel like I'm gaining weight on the beans, even though I am taking in fewer carbs and fewer calories! I also cut fruit out because of the high sugar content but replaced the nutrients with loads of vegetables (like two cups of veg per meal). Has anyone had better luck with fruit/oatmeal than with beans and veg?

My daily intake is 1500 calories a day, and I swim for 45 minutes a day and walk at least 90 minutes. Any suggestions for diet tweaks? Thanks thanks thanks!
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The only tweaks that I would suggest is, like joyfulloser, I keep an eye on sodium and I drink a lot of water to get rid of that retention. I'm not an avid water drinker, so I have to tell myself "self, you will have 3 entire bottles of water today while at work" or "self, you have to drink this entire bottle before you can eat the remainder of your meal."

It has worked well - My nutritionist said my face is "less bloated" and my friends are remarking on my weight loss, "especially in the face." I also eat a whole foods diet, though I limit carbs and do not omit them, but I made no other changes than the water and sodium limit.
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Lifes a Journey
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I get mad when I see the same number as the week before so I can imagine how you feel to be 4 pounds up. But remember TOM is just around the corner and TOM is a royal b!tch. Maybe to help this situation of frusteration every month when you know TOM is coming to is there stay off the scale. Keep the weight you have before in your head and when it's all said in done and TOM is gone, then step on a scale.
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