Easter Challenge

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  • I'm in!

    SW: 194.2 (88.1 kg)

    GW: 184 (83.5 kg)
  • I'm in!! I'd be SOO happy if I could get down to a "normal" bmi for Easter... That's almost 20 pounds, so I might not quite make it, but I'm sure I'll get close.

    SW - 178.6
    GW - 160
  • I'm in I'm gonna shoot for 20lbs I know its a big goal but I've gotta get back in my nice clothes. I have nothing to wear that fits!

    I think we should weigh in once a week for a progress update

    Lets stick to this ladies!!!

    Catahoula - Mardi Gras isn't that long and don't feel guilty for a little indulgence its only once a year! Just don't go overboard you'll be gravy!!
  • Okay guys! I set weigh in for Sundays! I figured that was a good day since Easter is on a sunday!
    I also made a spreadsheet. Feel free to make it fancy and what not! I'm not good with them =P
    Here is the link: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?...thkey=CJunyLUH

    I'm also adding the link to the original post!
  • I'm in! But I think I'm only going to shoot for 10 pounds. So my starting weight is 165 and my goal is 155.
  • OOH I like the spreadsheet idea! Although...with me not being good with technology, when I type in my weight each week, does it automatically save or do i have to do something fancy? Sorry for being clueless!
  • Cat86- It should save for you!
  • How cool is that spreadsheet! That is such an awesome idea. And I had the same question, Cat, so at least some one else is clueless too.
  • Excellent with the spreadsheet! I usually don't get on 3FC on Sundays..but I will update it first thing Monday morning with Sunday's weight.
  • My easter goal is going to be 130...I'm sure the lower my weight gets the harder it's going to be to lose the weight. So..
    SW: 144
    GW" 130
  • Cat - You probably have to click File -> Save to save your changes

    EDIT: Nevermind, just tried it, and you apparently don't have to click save. That's cool!
  • I made sure to set it to save on its own
  • Wow, thanks for making that spreadsheet. That is such a great idea.
  • I would love to lose 15 pounds by then! I'm trying to be realistic, but we'll see!
    So SW: 187
    GW: 172
  • I'm in!! I'd like to get to 158. I'll be in CA for a week in March so I'm sure that will set me back 5 or so pounds. I plan on eating some amazing Mexican food!!

    SW: 171
    GW: 158