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Originally Posted by bleujean View Post
Best book I ever read on the subject is by Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker, groan, I know!) Read that sucker and you'll have a bf by spring break!
I never listened to her after the first time I caught five minutes of her show. She made a comment to a woman that she needed to straighten her curly hair because guys always prefer straight hair.

My naturally curly headed self called BS right there and turned the channel. If some guy didn't want me as is, tough luck. I'm not wearing fake nails, fake tan, straighten my hair, etc. just to meet someone. If I like that because of the way it makes me feel, that's another story!

I echo the sentiment not to chase. It's fine to hint and toss a "feeler" to see the response from the guy, but they usually don't play coy. If they want to date you and you give off a good indication you feel the same, they'll just ask.
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aww don't be mad at yourself- i agree with everyone here- let him do the work. men should. in the word of Patti Stanger- men are the hunters...
another book (it is kinda dated, see if they have it at the library) is The Rules. my friend and her sis in law swear by it...
hugs to you hun.
ps- writing you back tonight. we gotta catch up
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You will be seeing him at work again; another chance to run after him to ask him out Then you'll finally know if he was worth it and if he was "just THAT into you". At least it's not someone you met once on a bus and never asked for a number... never to see them again and posting some lost-love ad on Craigslist (not happened to me - just making a scenerio, haha). Still have just as good as a chance as the next girl (or guy... if your think your predictions of him being gay is correct, lol)!
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I got the book, I'm almost done it that's for sure. Weird thing in...Well you're just going to have to read my blog because I'm for sure going to blog about it! It's not up yet, check by the end of the morning or tomorrow if you're curious as to what I've come out of it. ahhh the suspense :P

Fillupthesky - Great I can't wait!!!
SweetScrumps - You're totally right!
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