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I crave beef and chocolate and fat/carb combinations tremendously.

I have to cut carbs all month, but during PMS/Tom I have to cut them even more drastically. I can give in to the beef cravings (as long as I don't eat the bun), but finding a low-carb chocolate fix is harder. I only keep very dark chocolate in the house (hubby loves it, I hate it). I have to be uber-desperate for chocolate to eat it that strong.

I tried something new this month, and cut a small banana into disks and put them on a plate with some frozen, unsweetened strawberries. I drizzled dark chocolate over the fruit and froze them, then slid them into a ziplock bag.

I haven't pigged out on them (even if I ate them all in one day, it wouldn't be too terible - the chocolate bar I melted only had 160 calories, and the fruit only about 130 calories).

I can't eat high carb foods, even fruit in very high quantities during PMS/TOM because it turns crazy hunger into rabid, eat-my-own-foot-if-I-had-to hunger.

Grains and potatoes are completely out of the question. I can eat a small baked potato once in a while during other times of the month, but if I eat rice or potatoes during my period, I just want more and more and more.

I usually even avoid very sweet fruits like bananas, but it was the last one and very ripe. A piece or two of the chocolate drizzled banana slices doesn't seem to trigger hunger like a whole banana does.

On low-carb, I only have to white-knuckle it for a few days. If I don't watch carbs though, I could eat non-stop and never be satisfied. I hate that kind of hunger.
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Endless carb cravings are terrifying.

I definitely felt that today. I ate about 2 cups of Special K just sitting at my laptop earlier -- yes, dry -- and even though it was Special K, it was still way too much; the cravings were endless.

I grabbed a small piece of baguette (70cal) and a boca burger (70cal) at dinner for the inevitable after-midnight munchies, hoping that if I have them I won't eat cake and wreck my calorie counter for tomorrow. No chocolate around today; I might go crazy.

Dieting is so hard. Every day is hard. And I'm not losing... just retaining water, up 1.5 lbs from earlier in the week, showing no progress at all.
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