**The 130s - Just Passing Through!**

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  • Hi everyone, hope it's okay if I join in!

    Bit of backstory- I was stuck at 140 for a few months because I lost motivation with my old diet, but since the 9th of march (beginning of lent) I decided to try out a whole new way of dieting-I used to count calories and try to eat healthily(and usually failed!), now I don't count and am eating a vegan, wholegrain, no sugar diet. I've lost 5 lbs since starting. I'm not planning on eating this way forever but it's been really helpful in remotivating me. My final goal is 120.

    Hope everyone's having a great day!
  • Ok so this morning I was 137!! YAY! So happy to see the scale actually move down again! I think I will weigh in the morning all the time as it is more of an accurate time. Anyways it's only going to get better from here!
  • 133.8 this morning it's probably a fluke tho because i ate dinner an hour earlier than I usually do. We'll see tomorrow though!
  • Hi!

    I'm kinda of new on this thread, haven't really started posting, but reading everyones posts has been pretty motivating. I started by weight loss program in January at 154, as of today, I'm at 138. My end goal is 120, so hopefully I'll pass swiftly through the 130's!
  • Ok, I think I'm 137.3. I've weighed at 62.3kg for the past few days so I'm going to stick with that for the meantime...it seems ridiculous how slow my loss is/non-existent in the past month or so.
  • The scale read 136 this morning! but I am not going to put too much stock in it as it seems unlikely I would be able to lose so much in a week. I am eating healthily and not starving myself so perhaps my start weight was inaccurate? I am always weighing in the morning now though to be consistent.
  • I'm not going to lie, I have high hopes for my WI on Wednesday. I want to wait and not weigh myself till then and focus on doing everything I can to have a happy weigh in on Wednesday morning.
  • I have been around 135-136. Today I weighed 138 and I'm not about to leave the 30's in the wrong direction. I hope tomorrow's weigh in is better.

    I just can't wait until that scale reads "129." I just might faint. Scream out of joy, then faint.
  • Finally saw 62kg on the scale this morning. It has been a looooooooooooong time coming, and I'm not sure if it's even here to stay. That is 136.6 pounds.
  • Hello ladies!
    I'm posting here after three days at 139. I'm hoping not to leave you in the wrong direction! My current goal is 135 so I'm not passing through, but I may revise to 130 depending on the next month. I hope to maintain 130-135 and work towards a better body composition.
  • YESS !!! I'm ECSTATIC to finally be in the 130s!!! 139.5 at weigh in today!!! EEEP !!!
  • 132.8 this morning!
  • Pretty excited. hit 131.2 this morning...I'm so close to the 120's ...yet still very uncomfortable with my body..I can see that I'm going to have to do some major toning up to every be happy with it.
  • Trying to reactivate this thread a bit since my weight is moving down again - pretty excited, only a few more pounds until I'm in the 120s!
    Today I am 134.4 pounds!
  • Quote: Hit 139.6 this morning! Holy crap, haven't been there since high school. (That was only like 6ish years ago, but still! Feels like eons.) Hoping I can log in range for a few more days to officially join the club.
    I felt the same way when I was 139. I actually cried, because I never thought I'd be in the 130's again.

    136 today. My weight has been fluctuating and is slow in going down, but I'm gaining lots of muscle so I think that's partially why. I really wanted to be 130 by now, but my weight doesn't want to budge anymore.