new too :)

  • hi everyone, i've got some weight to lose too - 75 lbs - i was doing cardio 6 days a week and trying to eat low-fat (by way of subway sandwiches) but somehow got off track for about one week.. and now i'm totally lazy, not working out, and eating anything and seemingly everything and need some support from others who can relate. i soooo want to burn off some (okay, ALL) of this fat before summer kicks in. i hate feeling fat the most in the summer when everyone's wearing tanks and shorts and i am stuck with pants and big shirts.. you know what i mean? anyways.. thanks for reading my post hope to get to talk to some of you soon....

  • The hardest the to do when ya "fall off the wagon" is getting back up and getting with the program. Do it slowly, and it will stick. If you try to do everything all at once, (unless it's something you can see yourself doing the rest of your life), you'll tire yourself out and quit, or you'll lose, and then be like, okay, I can do whatever I want now, and it then you'll end up being where you started. I can totally understand wanting to get rid of it all "NOW" though, wouldn't it be nice if we could lose weight by exercising our brains instead of our bodies?

    Love, Luck, & Lolipops