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rainbowstripe 02-06-2011 05:09 PM

**Weekly Chat February 7 - February 13**
Hey ladies!!

I've brought some personals over from the end of last week's thread. I'm starting this week off the right way. I got up at 9.40 and got dressed in my workout clothes and headed outside for a run! That's the positive part. The negative is that my running fitness has severely decreased since I took like a month off from it - I basically did half and half jogging and walking, usually it'd only be a tiny bit of walking, if any. Bleh. Oh well! Getting back to it is the only way to improve!
I'm going to see Sufjan Stevens tonight, I'm pretty excited. I also only have 4 hours of work today AND I dreamed about puppies last night. So I'm feeling pretty good.
Happy Monday!

krampus That food does sound really really good...but good on you for nipping the sweets thing in the bud. Dumb about that boy. Regardless of the feelings you may or may not have had, it sucks to lose a friend...I hope there is some explanation and you end up still having him as a friend - unless you think it'd be easier if he weren't in your life at all due to the feelings?

chloe Hope you're feeling better!

Madison I've just never understood oreos...you really enjoy them? Maybe we get different ones in New Zealand? I dunno, I've just never really liked them - but I'm glad you are enjoying them :)

Icon Urgh, lots of stuff to sign/do...jeez, that sounds like an intense application form. If you're in west Auckland, my granddad is a JP haha. Stupid yesterday, I wasn't meant to go to work, but was meant to be paid anyway...so since I went, I get time and a half for the 2 hours I was there...which will be the same pay I'd have got if I didn't go at all. Frustrations.

MaddieBPhoto 02-06-2011 05:44 PM

Holy crap! I can't believe it's already time for a new thread! This year is flying by!

Rainbow - you must not have our oreos...I could eat the entire package without missing a beat!

I have to go to the DMV tomorrow to get a new license since some a$$wipe stole mine - bleh! Dreading that. BUT Friday is my birthday, so I'm at least looking forward to that! And currently, I am so happy - my husband, the baby & the dog are all asleep & my house is soooo quiet. I LOVE IT :)

krampus 02-06-2011 05:45 PM

Starting the day off on the wrong foot. I hoovered up a box of chocolate liqueur truffles like 30 minutes before going to bed. 11 of them. Feel sick and gross, but on the plus side I weigh less than I thought I would today (59.0 kg/130 lbs, usually after the weekend I'm at 131-132). Today I am going to experiment with having breakfast late/waiting until lunchtime to eat it. I have been having yogurt as soon as I get into work, but I notice that once I start eating I just want to keep going and I sometimes wind up nibbling at my lunch at 10:30 am.

KawaiiCandie 02-06-2011 07:19 PM

rainbow, yeah, but you're TINY! it's normal that you would be heavier than other people at the similar weights... i just thought that my friend wasn't that much taller than me... but i guess you're right and people do carry their weight differently... pooh. man, that's really lame you came into work and didn't have to!! although i think i've done that before when i had part time jobs, haha...

krampus, yeah, dessert is evil.... yesterday at starbucks, i had a macaron and it was SO good... lol. i think you're better off eating breakfast normally... simply NOT eating it would be really bad for you, i think... why don't you eat it at home though? then there wouldn't be the temptation of nibbling on office snacks? (although i do that and i'm always starving by 10:30 but... GAMAN!!)

madison, does calorie cycling really work? good luck with that! and stop talking about oreos! you're making me want some!

icon, why is it you always have stories about creepy crawlers?? you make me want to never ever visit NZ! haha....

rainbow! (again) well done for getting up bright and early and starting the week on the right foot!

hey girlies. not much to report this morning. no weight because i am sticking to my "no weighing during the week" rule, and nothing exciting going on today. i'm supposed to have class right now, but the schedule is all messed up and no one bothered to tell me, so screw that, i'm not going. have only two classes today and they are both students doing presentations so it should be pretty chill. i'm also broke-as$ so i wont be doing anything entertaining for the next 2 weeks probably. lol. oh! except my miyavi concert on wednesday! :D (but that's already paid for). have a good one!

krampus 02-06-2011 07:37 PM

Yeah, I had my yogurt before 9. So much for that experiment.

It's the crash after all that sugar combined with immense guilt and just being tired and cranky, but I really just want to cry like a teenager and go to bed until Thursday morning. Glad I only have to teach one class today and it's not until 11.

girlonfire 02-06-2011 07:44 PM

krampus I just realized on the last thread you posted a note to self right before I did. I need to learn to read more thoroughly before posting so as not to come across like a copycat or a jerk. I hope it didn't come across that I was making fun of your post.

MaddieBPhoto 02-06-2011 08:04 PM

Kawaii - Calorie cycling worked for me before. I haven't plateaued or anything, but I'm hoping to avoid that altogether by starting now. I know that damn plateau is just around the corner. ;) Sorry about the OREOS. :)

JLNichols07 02-06-2011 08:34 PM

Rainbow: Well since you only work 4 hours today I'm sure you day will fly by! And as for your running...you'll pick back up in no time!
Madison: I enjoy a quiet house every now and again. I'm so jealous that your house is quiet..I get about 30 minutes of quiteness every morning if I wake up around 6 lol.
Krampus: Yay for weighing less than you thought! Sorry about the truffles (although those sound delicious!)
Kawaii: Enjoy your concert! I should really try to break the habit of weighing as much as I do..especially during th week...I think it's what keeps me accountable though.

Booo for the superbowl being on tonight! I'm not much on football..so I really could careless about it. But everyone is making a huge deal about it...and superbowl parties=food. Luckily I dodged all of them...and my boring self decided to stay at home and relax...! Other than that...I have school early in the morning and they are predicting a few inches of snow and I really don't feel like taking my time to venture out and all that stuff! Oh well hopefully the roads won't get that bad. I got 2 workouts in today again..one was only 11 minutes though while they other was 49 minutes (yay!)...

Other than that I took my measurements today and ...My waist is still big and I don't understand what is going on..and I'm pretty sure I'm measuring right but who knows...here they are

Upper Thigh- 22''
Upper Arm- 12''
Neck - 15 1/2''
Bust - 36''
Waist - 35''
Hips - 37 1/2

Pleasure tell me why I'm shaped so funny?! Urgggg!
Other then that not alot has gone on today! Hope everyone had a great day!

rainbowstripe 02-06-2011 09:31 PM

Madison I'm going to guess our oreos are different, either that or just a flavour I don't enjoy so much! Good luck at the DMV, sounds annoying!

krampus I know what you mean about the whole breakfast thing, I swear the days I eat a proper breakfast I end up hungrier than if I'd just waited til lunch time to eat - but I guess that's how metabolisms work?

Kawaii This girl is maybe only an inch taller than me though! I dunno, it's weird. The more I look at my weight/measurements etc, the more oddly shaped/doomed I think I am. Good on you for sticking to your no-weighing during the week thing! Hope the week is fun even though you can't do much - Miyavi concert should be super fun!!

JL I hope you're right about the running - I remember I'd gotten to the point where I was going 3km , 2.7km of which were jogging...today I'd say I only jogged 1.5km of it! As for your measurements, I'm jealous!! I would love measurements like that! I don't think you're oddly shaped...I would love to have that as my hip measurement! Last time I measured (I only do hips, waist, chest) I was: Hips: 43in, Waist: 30.5in, Chest: 39in. Bleurgh. Mine are way more out of proportion :P Glad you've found a way to avoid the superbowl haha. I think I'd be really similar, I'm not into watching sports all that much.

LiannaKole 02-06-2011 09:55 PM

Hi, all!

So, I found a pair of jeans in my closet that are size 6. I figured I'd try them, and they fit! I'm pretty sure they run larger, though, because I'm like 90% sure by now I'm about a 7 in juniors (haven't checked, but my 9s are baggy).

Still at about 143 lbs, but I did shrink as far as measurements since the last time I weighed (at 142), which is awesome. :D

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


rainbowstripe: I know what you mean about decreased fitness. I've been off my workout schedule for a while, but trying to get back on. Congrats on getting out there and jogging!

MadisonAvePhoto: Someone stole your license?! Jeez, sorry about that.

KawaiiCandie: Have fun at the concert!

JLNichols07: If you have a straighter body shape, your waist will probably not be too many inches smaller than your hips. I'm that way, actually. It means I have to wear juniors pants (they have smaller hips and wider waists, like me).

rainbowstripe 02-06-2011 10:11 PM

Lianna Awesome about the smaller size! It's so strange how the fitness can decrease so quickly! Hoping to stay more on track with my exercise this month, I definitely slacked in December/January.

KawaiiCandie 02-06-2011 11:47 PM

madison, that's good then. i'd love to do it, but that would mean i would have to minutely write down everything that i eat and i just can't be bothered. i just kinda do it in my head everyday, haha. plus i've been doing this long enough that i know what is worth how much :p

JL, yeah, the weighing thing is a challenge! but i think in the end it's good because then i can be pleasantly surprised everytime, instead of getting cranky every morning :p i think it's highly unlikely that a whole week would pass without me shedding any weight at all, if i'm good! oh and, i think football is ridiculous as well (but then i'm not american, so...) so i think good on you to have decided to stay at home! tomorrow, you'll be the only one awake in class! haha...

rainbow, yeah, i'm super excited about my concert! now i have to decide what to wear! haha...

lianna, congrats on the nsv! i love finding old articles of clothing that suddenly fit again!

ah man, today is really dragging on... i should really be studying japanese though, since i have all this free time... haha! lazy..........

Iconised Ghost 02-06-2011 11:54 PM

Rainbow- yeah it is an insane form. Especially great is the $432 application fee. I'm not in west auckland unfortunately, but thanks for the offer. How does a person become a JP anyway? And whats a Sufjan Steven?

madison- a quiet house is a happy house :lol: Have you got plans for your birthday?

kawaii- haha dont worry, you would be fine here. I just have a knack for attracting these things, and I'm a terrible gardener >.<

lianna- congrats on the jeans!

omg it is so hot my brain is melting. At night this week ive been taken a blue frozen thing that you use for sprains and stuff, and just putting it on my head and sleeping like that :lol: Its hot!

MaddieBPhoto 02-07-2011 12:44 AM

Note to self: Sugar-free syrup gives you the toots. Stop eating it!

MaddieBPhoto 02-07-2011 12:44 AM

Icon - Starbucks for breakfast, lunch with my MIL, & Red Lobster with hubs! :)

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