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MiZTaCCen 02-09-2011 08:13 PM

Fatpants - It was weird normally I'm like food omg food but yesterday was just meh. I'm not hungry I'm not going to force it. Good luck on your weekly weigh ins I did that last month and kept forgetting until the next week...this month I'm not touching the scale the whole month I'm itching to step on it too as of lately! YIKES! P.S since I just read your last post...it's a day to be crappy so don't feel so bad :D

Fromthebox - I think it was just one of those fluke days I had been over eatting this whole week and on the weekend as well so I think yesterday was like bleh. haha Oh and I love thrift stores! Something about worn clothing is so much better than new! Especially jeans I hate new jeans!

Lupo - Make a healthier kind of cupcakes maybe? I don't know I don't bake but in Jillians cook book you might be able to find a healthier alternate to making yummy cupcakes instead of the orginal way. I don't have the book so I don't even know if she'd have that either haha. sorry to be of no help :P

Icon - Oh sure brag about the hot weather while I've been here in -15 weather...Actually today was -1 so not so bad...but to be honest I hate HOT HOT weather...yuck!

Rainbow - Oh I fully understand what you mean it was seriously a fluke today I keeped under but at a good calorie wise just above 1500 and of course less now because of my hour workout. I think my body yesterday was on a cool down from all the crap I had been over eating the last little while haha.

SweetScrump- eww why edmonton?! nooo haha I only say that because I went to edmonton once, got lost and it took me 2 friggen hours to get out of the city...I'm the worst for directions and for anything when it comes to driving I missed the HUGE sign that said AIRDRIE on it once and drove passed...haha >.>

Kawaii - Awww your so pretty and I love your outfit!


So 6 hours later I felt better around noonish...I sent an email I was going to ignore the ex but I didn't and for a very good reason I think he's lost in his own **** where I needed to set him straight but that's a whole long story and in order for anyone to understand I'd have to go back to the beginning and since I no longer hate him the story wouldn't be as fun as it was 8 months ago! haha

MY trainer kicked my *** today man I took so many few breaks I just could NOT keep up and I was getting so mad at myself, I felt like a failure but she told me it was good it meant I pushed myself and it's not suppose to get easier! I don't want to go back...I want my sessions to be over but I have 7 more! 7!! I know I know it'll be good right the beginning of march I better be down my 4 damn pounds I wanted to lose this month! I have 18 days before I can step on a scale...I'm itching to do it badly!

Wow i'm whining a lot lately...and I haven't seen the boy i'm obsessed with in two days...and my sims obession I think is dying down haha I played for like 45 minutes before I quit yay me! Tomorrow I don't have to be into work until 8 since I have to do a CPR course but since it's at 8 I don't get out until 5 soo lame! Also I applied for two different part time jobs today...you'd think it'd be easy...GRRR I need more money! Maybe it's time I start looking for a different full time job...hmmm Man I'm too lazy for that **** right now. Anyways I'll stop ranting about nothing. Goodnight ladies!

SweetScrumptious 02-09-2011 08:26 PM

Rainbow we're staying at my boyfriend's grandpa's. I haven't really asked my bf if we can cook stuff there but then again, I don't want to bring a grocery cart full of items to cook a proper meal :S

Miz Eh, my boyfriend has to go to Ponoka to pick up his renter's cheques so we thought we would just head down to Edmonton for a couple days to get out of Calgary. Plus, I wanted to go to Victoria's Secret that opened up in West Ed (even tho I drove by Chinook mall the other day and saw that we are now getting one too) so I can get some new bras. Atleast I'm not doing any of the driving ;). PS: I also haven't weighed myself since Jan 25th - my trainer said to take the discipline and not weigh myself for a month so I can 'see' the results. This is the longest I haven't weighed myself while trying to lose weight - and it's killing me because I'm sitting here thinking "what if the training I started and the food I'm eating isn't working at this point". But I guess I won't know until Feb 25th - ugh.

MiZTaCCen 02-09-2011 08:33 PM

SweetScrump - Oh I know exactly what you are saying. I'm thinking to myself if I didn't lose 4 pounds and only 4 pounds this month I'm going to be some pissed just for waiting this long not to step on a scale. I'm a little worried that negative thought in my head rolls around there too...As for Victoria Secret in Chinook awsome! I can't wait!

MaddieBPhoto 02-09-2011 08:56 PM

Would it be bad for me to exercise now? It's currently 7pm. Someone said something the other day about it not being a good idea to exercise at night...is that true?

krampus 02-09-2011 09:16 PM

Hi all!

I'm in vacation-mode already which is a problem considering I still have to do a bunch of recording for the listening portion of the English exam for first years before I get to GTFO and head toward the airport. I went a little nuts with breakfast and instead of one plain small yogurt, I had a big fruity yogurt and a bagel sandwich with ham and cheese. Probably going to either skip lunch or just have something miniscule, because I want to hit up Dunkin Donuts IMMEDIATELY upon landing in Seoul (no Dunkin Donuts in Japan). AHHH!

Weight is down a little from yesterday, I'm hanging around 58.8 kg. Not great but going in the right direction. I'm sure my trip will blow it all away, but vacation is vacation.

MadisonAvePhoto You can exercise any time of day or night. Some people find they have trouble falling asleep if they exercise shortly before bed but try it and see what happens!

MiZTaCCeN Sorry to hear you had a rough time at the gym, but at least you went - sucks about not seeing your dude for 2 days, I know when I have a crush not seeing someone for 2 days is like not seeing them for 2 years.

rainbowstripe Aw, I wish I could go shopping with you! I hope you enjoy the burgers. Glad you got exercise in.

FPSJ Yeah nuts are satanic. I don't understand people who can just have a serving and not go back for more.

KawaiiCandie Cute zombie getup! I'm glad Miyavi delivered. Spaghetti soup sounds a bit gross. Out of curiosity, what is your chocolate of choice here?

Icon Glad to hear you saw the 50s a second day in a row! I can't even imagine being hot (or warm) right now. In Seoul it's going to be -10!

lupo Better to be young with inserts than middle aged with an amputated leg or something from injuries building up!!!

fromthebox Scoooooore on the thrift store workout top find!

Iconised Ghost 02-09-2011 11:56 PM

Miz- sorry :D In truth, I love hot weather! Especially when I dont have to work in it and it cools down at night :D Sorry to hear about your trainer :( I always think that a good trainer manages to let you feel like you are working super hard but juuuust hard enough to have you think "i dont know if i'll get through this" and then ease you off a bit, so you want to go back. 7 is a lot! Maybe you could talk to her? I also have a sims obsession!

madison- yeah some ppl say its hard to sleep after exercising at night, but theres no hard and fast rule, go for it if you want to try it i reckon

krampus- i dont think i could live in such a cold place!

Well, last week my trainer was like "that wasnt really hard enough was it" and i was like, yeah it wasnt that hard. So of course this week I get my *** kicked completely xD I can always tell when its been a good work out (apart from the sweat, pain, exhaustion, dying) because my stomach grumbles like crazy afterwards! So i have probably eaten a little bit more than I should have today, but i was hungry. Ok the afternoon coco pops were just the munchies. Other than those I was good though! And i've been drinking water like its going out of fashion, which is really unusual for me. And I've got more exercise later on so I'm not too worried about the coco pops...and the edam...

The closer I get to goal the worse I get at deciding what my goal is and whether I will be happy there. The thing is, I want to be toned, and have little enough fat to look like that, but I also kind of want this journey to be over. I mean, this is year 4. But I dont want to stop before I'm happy either. Sigh. What to do?

And I have no idea how to maintain. I mean, I know my relationship with food isnt normal now, but I do know a lot more about food, nutrition and fitness. And I know I have some body image problems too, not always with self esteem but also just with actually how much space do I take up, like what gaps do I fit into? What clothes on a rack would fit me? I probably couldnt figure that out without trying them on. I guess because of 4 years of relatively constant change, its normal for it to take a while in maintenance and non change to figure those things out. But still. Hmm

KawaiiCandie 02-10-2011 12:48 AM

rainbow, thanks! i was actually wearing massive fake eyelashes and looked like a crazy barbie doll, haha... but i guess it looks good on camera :p yeah, bows are really popular in Japan! you would love it here! lol. maybe we can swap care-packages like you did with krampus and i can send you some bow stuff? lol. well done for working out! ^_^

MiZ, lol at you... and thanks for your comments :) i can't believe you are not stepping on the scale for a MONTH! that seems a bit much. i think if i ever waited that long, i would start cheating and think that things don't matter too much cuz i wont see the damage... well anyways. good luck! i get to weigh-in tomorrow! wee! i'm excited, and scared, since i ate chocolate both today, and yesterday, haha.

madison, i sure hope not! cuz when i exercise, it's always at night! that said, it IS better to work out in the morning, but only crazy people can do that, haha...

krampus! have fun in korea! i'm so excited for you... actually, i might go during spring break as well, so i'll be interested in knowing all the deets when you come back! spaghetti soup does sound gross, but it was really yummy. it was just kinda like the noodles were soaking in sauce? like ramen? one of those weird "we failed at importing food from another country and made it japanese" kinda thing... and i usually buy different chocolates depending on my mood, but i guess my favorite are the little Gaba balls... i really liked the "carot" (it's just plain chocolate but the box is orange) one they came up with a few months ago, but i think it's been discontinued or something... or i just buy regular meiji milk chocolate... how bout you?

wow, icon, has it really been 4 years since you started?! well done for not giving up! i think it IS hard when you do reach your goal. of course you can eat a bit more, but you still need to work out and you still need to not overeat (too much), so it's never really over. kinda depressing, isn't it? lol. but yeah. anyways, sounds like you're doing good ;)

yay! done with class, got an hour and a half to go before i can leave and then i can go home and it's the weekend!!! (cuz friday is a national holiday. sorries!) i think when i get home i may just pass out on my bed, i'm SO tired... lol.

in other matters, i had to teach a lesson at the hospital this morning, and they showed their appreciation to me by... giving me chocolates! XD i mean, it's super nice, but there is a lot of good stuff in there! i ate a little square (that was kinda big-ish actually) after lunch, and then i couldn't eat just one, so i had another! i just wanted to eat the whole bag! urgh! so i think it's gonna stay in my desk cuz dangerous things might happen if i bring it home with me...

rainbowstripe 02-10-2011 02:42 AM

MiZ Sims is weird like that I find...sometimes I get really addicted and can spend hours playing, and then I go months not playing at all.

SweetScrumptious I'd find out, even if it's just quick stuff like a stir fry or some chicken or something.

Madison Did you exercise? I never think there's a bad time to exercise but I second krampus' theory on it possibly keeping you awake...

krampus Oh dunkin donuts...I could totally do a donut. Burgers were good and I managed to track down my cousin to come shopping - though I'm not sure it was the best idea as I sometimes buy things I wouldn't usually when I'm with her.

Icon Are you not happy with your body now? I guess maintenance/getting to maintenance is scary. I'm freaked out and I'm not even close. Also I get what you mean about the space you take up/what you fit into. I cannot judge that at all, and don't think I'll ever be able to. I got frustrated today shopping, grabbing things in a size I guessed I'd fit...and then having to go and get another size :/ Also now I want coco pops SO badly haha.

Kawaii I would love to swap care packages if you wanted to! Haha I know I would love Japan...Hello Kitty, bows, Studio Ghibli...cute stuff EVERYWHERE...I think I'd go crazy. It's probably just as well I can't afford a ticket to go there, as I'd then need so much more money for shopping! I hope to go soon though...as in...maybe a year or 2. I'll be sad if I don't get there one day. I love fake eyelashes but I can never get them to stick properly >.< And with my continuing contact lense issues, I have to be careful with makeup. Yay for your 3 day weekend! I am super jealous.

~Ok ladies so I went shopping, on my own at first and then my cousin joined me. I tried on something I can't even remember and a purple crushed velvet swingy mini skirt...and I liked it but needed another opinion. I found a dress of the same material too, I liked that also. My cousin came to join me, my cousin who weighs 52kg/114 pounds, and is super fit and toned. She's really proud of my progress and I thought it could be good to go shopping with her because of her differing opinions. I ended up buying the purple skirt and this see-through black sleeveless billowy blouse thing...it has pockets of the same material over the boobs so it's less see through there.
Worn with the skirt at the waist and pulled out a bit, my cousin said it looked really good. I felt really good at the store. I felt really good when I tried it on for my aunty. Then I got back to my boyfriends, took off the tags, tried them on again...and for some reason I feel like it doesn't look as good as I thought?
I know, I could solve this by showing you guys a picture haha - but my camera is not around.
I also got a great black dress to replace my favourite now too big lace one. It was a size 10! That's about a US 8...I was so shocked.
Alright I know I went on for a while there but I hate it when things like this happen. I want to wear the outfit because I felt so good in it at the store...and I told my friends I have a "new look" to test on them since it's stuff I wouldn't usually buy...I still think its totally my style, but just not something I'd usually buy for fear of looking bad.
Oh man, seriously I just wrote so much on that haha. I'm sorry.
I am DREADING work tomorrow.

JLNichols07 02-10-2011 09:03 AM

Hey everyone. Looked outside this morning and guess what I see? MORE SNOW! If spring doesn't come soon I might scream. But on a positive side got on the scale and weighed in at 148.0 which is a .6 loss from yesterday! :) And did I mention that everything came back ok with my liver enzymes...but my b12 was still really low and although I take nasal spray for b12 he might be switching it to something else...I have to go back to the doctor the 18th so we'll see!

This morning I had a deliciousss breakfast ...french toast w/ turkey sausage (which BTW..is deff my fav. breakfast!) I bought some egg beats to try and I just haven't built up the courage to try them ...have any of yall had them and liked them? I might try them tomorrow. But I'm going to get off here and try to warm up in my cold house!! TTYL

luposlipaphobia87 02-10-2011 09:42 AM

Good Morning ladies!

Rainbow I love shopping. I would have gone with you if I could. If you find your camera I would love to see a picture of your new outfit

Kawaii You looked so cute in that picture! Maybe just give away the chocolates at work? My aunt gave me a big box of chocolate for Christmas so I brought it in to work and set it out for everyone.

Icon You've been doing this for 4 years! That's some crazy awesome will power. I bet it takes a while to get used to maintaining, just how it takes time to get into the groove of losing weight.

krampus Have fun on vacation!!

Madison I've always thought it was okay to exercise in the evening, but not if it's in the hour leading up to going to sleep. Grats on your loss!

FPSJ Sorry about your crappy day :hug:

MiZ Sims 3 is like crack to me. I played like 2 hours a day when I first got it about two years ago.

Sweet Could you maybe cook for everyone, and make it a healthy meal?

JL That breakfast sounds delicious! I use egg beaters for eggs. I put a little milk in them to make them fluffier.

Sweet fancy Moses it's cold here. It was -7 degrees when I left for work. But I'm having a good day. My boyfriend left me a surprise present! He got me a very nice flat iron that I've been wanting. He's so cute :D Oh and I found a recipe on livestrong.com for cupcakes. They're from a Martha Stewart recipe, and they're only 105 calories a piece!! (no icing) Well I think I'm going to make those.

taragettingthin 02-10-2011 12:48 PM

I have been MIA since my daughter got very sick Sunday night/Monday mornning... then I got some of it...and now my BF is really really sick too.
I haven't been able to work out since Friday with the exception of Monday night...and about 4-5 hours of walking while pulling 50 lb wagon at the amusement park on Saturday. I still try to not overeat although I've been little bit bad... Anyways... I dropped little more since last and now I'm 198.. def into the Onederland, I think. :)

I still have been thinking about you ladies... Miss you all.

Iconised Ghost 02-10-2011 02:22 PM

Thanks everyone :) Yeah, 4 years! Well 3 I guess, this is year 4, I started at the begining of 2008. I'm a little bit up today, I reckon this is partially eating a bit more and a lot because I am so sore this morning. I think some of my eating was also abit of sabotage, I've done that before when I've freaked out about losing, so I need to be aware of that and try not to do it. I did want to eat heaps last night and managed not to, so thats progress. I havent got a lot of time, house inspection today, but im guessing that i'll be doing lots of thinking today. Some time for personals though!

kawaii- yeah I guess its not! And theres always more fitness to be worked on. I hope your teaching wasnt on nutrition and healthy eating! :lol:

rainbowI'm not sure if im happy with my body now. I'm fairly happy with it. I'm extremely happy with it fitness wise. I'm just not sure. I was pretty happy with it until I saw some pictures of a friend on facebook, they have always had a body I've wanted, and they looked so toned and muscular and thin and i was just like ._. I have some flab left and compared to that, it looks like a lot. But I could be completely warped, because I have seen myself looking toned in the mirror and been surprised. I hate that about clothes too- bras are the worst! Not only is it like, 10, 8, 12, whatever, its also like 10a? 10b? 10c? 8a? 8b? God its a nightmare. I like coco pops too :3 I'm sure you look great in your new stuff, maybe its just because you wouldnt have worn it before, you feel kinda odd. Photos! Lame about work:( Did you have an interview the other day?

tara- congrats on wonderland! Sorry to hear about all the sickness :( Hope everyone's recovering well and staying warm!

fromthebox 02-10-2011 04:06 PM

Today I'm up .8 from Sunday. I've been on plan and going to the gym. I expected a bit from weight training on Monday but now another .6 from nowhere? I'm hoping it's muscle but I'm still a bit sad, had hoped to get closer to making my v-day goal than this.

On a cheerier note, I tried on swim suits today, as they have started rolling out "spring" wear here in SoCal. Took some pictures of me in a cute green and white stripe bikini. I felt pretty good, but my annoyingly large boobs barely fit in the XL top. I had to tuck to avoid spillage. Therefore, not purchasing today. It's not as if I can wear it to the beach here yet, we're still fairly cold. I would share the photos in the photo thread, but I'm not sure if everyone wants to see me in a bikini. Thoughts?

Tara- congratulations! To quote Devil Wore Prada "I am one stomach flu away from my goal weight."

More personals later, still have things to get done on my day off.

rainbowstripe 02-10-2011 04:32 PM

JL OMG 148 you are totally rockin' it! Go you! French toast sounds good haha. I'm sure egg beaters are fine? We don't have any type of egg substitute in New Zealand (that I'm aware of) but I've read lots of good things (or at least that a lot of people use them) about egg beaters.

lupos Aww how sweet of your boyfriend! Also 105 calorie cupcakes? That sounds too good to be true haha - can you post the recipe? I bet it contains a whole bunch of stuff we can't get in my country... As for photos I'm almost going to guarantee I'll take them before I go out tonight haha..I'm so scared about wearing the outfit for some reason!
tara Congrats on onederland! Sorry to hear you've been sick! I hope you're feeling better now.

fromthebox You'd probably get a load of comments on how good you're looking - no harm right? Hehe. Compliments are good! I'm sure you look great. I find swimsuits annoying because they make my boobs look terrible.

Icon I know it's almost impossible to not compare yourself to others...but maybe don't? Haha. Sorry, I know, terrible advice. I'm probably just repeating what you're already thinking...but I feel like if you can get to a place that you're happy with then that's a good thing. Even if you're not 100% happy, I still think it's a good thing - because otherwise it could become a lifelong obsession with trying to get the "perfect" body - and while that's not necessarily a terrible thing, I sense that maybe you don't want your life to revolve around that. I think it's great you love where you're at fitness-wise! Let me just say again, clothes are stupid. I know my current bras are a little too big but I don't even know where to go next and I don't want to get another bra fitting where they tell me I'm an E cup because I see my boobs on a daily basis and there is no way in h-e-l-l that my boobs are an E. I may be wearing that sized bra, but my boobs do not match the image of an E. I really want coco pops now. I guess you're right about me feeling odd in my new clothes because they are definitely things I wouldn't have bought 20 or even 10 kilograms ago. I just feel like...I know I shouldn't care what others think, but I feel like others will see me and think something along the lines of "fat girl trying to disguise it/be sexy"...but then I'm like...why not? I can be sexy...maybe..hah. I will attempt to take photos tonight before I go out. I'm actually worried I'll skip the new outfit in favour of the dress I bought yesterday. It's new, but it's "safe".
Also no, no job interview yet. I've applied for a bunch of jobs though so just waiting to hear back.

~Alright ladies I get to move my ticker again! I wish it measured in half kgs, but it doesn't - but then when I get to move it, it's more of an accomplishment because it's a whole kilogram. I'm 64kg as of this morning, 141 pounds. Also my personals got all muddled around so if I said something to you and you have no idea what I'm talking about...sorry haha.
I'm kind of nervous about going out tonight, partly because we have no plans, and mostly because of the outfit. And also because I'm kind of worried my friends will cancel at the last minute. I'm the type that likes to have plans in advance...and so I made them, but these girls are sometimes the types that will cancel like... 30 minutes before I'm meant to see them because something urgent comes up or they don't feel like it. I know that makes them seem like not good friends, but it's not that...I don't know what it is though haha.

LindsB 02-10-2011 04:41 PM

FTB- Heck yeah! Post the pics! Everyone will tell you how great you look ;)

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