**Weekly Chat February 7 - February 13**

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  • I miss you girls! I really really need to be more active on here.
  • Woo saw 204 on the scale this morning. Still inching out of the 200s, but its better than nothing. It snowed yet again, but this weekend will be warm...yay! Definitely going to take advantage and get the kids and I outside for some sunshine. My family has been so supportive about the weight loss. Very thankful. Started attending church again too and getting my kids involved with that, which my family has also been very supportive of. My mom is going shopping for nice outfits for them to wear to church. So, all and all things are going well.
  • Lawgirl Busyness is good though! (assuming you're busy hehe)

    ~Over 400 calories of my day today have been crappy food and I feel like I could just keep eating the crap...I have the willpower not to, but that's not to say I don't want to do it. Urgh. Have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow and get some exercise in! And try to beat this crappy mood I'm in. On the plus side, I now have plans to hang out on Friday night with some friends I haven't seen in a while. It will be an excuse to at least get a bit dressed up...but now I have NO idea what I can wear! I feel like my wardrobe is depleting by the day...tempted to go shopping tomorrow now...haha. Might just have to.
  • Finished the day at about 1340 calories total. I'm never hungry after running. I ran somewhere between probably 5 and 6 miles outside and had a true Japanese bachelor style dinner of beef jerky (83 calories) and dark chocolate (237 calories). Being an adult is the best!

    Seoul tomorrow, I'm SO EXCITED!
  • Morning ladies....Personals later.

    I ate way under my calories yesterday I was around 1100 YAY! I did a 25 minute workout as well so I was pretty happy with myself. I didn't even feel my self hungry and wanting more food I was satified. TOM is here but it's weird...I don't know it'll come for two days then stop for 3 and fully hit me 3 days later full blast for 5. (that's usually my monthly cycle...and it's EARLY) I'm not suppose to start until next week! I'm kind of blah today I just want to write and people keep talking to me. To be honest I'm not in the mood to really have a conversation with anyone...I want to be alone so I can get my thoughts down and out and then I'd be good again!
  • Morning everyone!

    Second day off today... again, tons to get done, appointments, etc. Siiigh. I need a vacation.

    However, got another amazing night of sleep last night (this is a big deal for the night shifters among us!), so I'm happy.

    Decided not to weigh again until next week (kind of like your plan, Kawaii!). I'd rather work toward maintaining yesterday's good weigh-in instead of seeing a fluctuation up from the Soy sauce I had last night, and go back to feeling defeated.

    Planning on another Bikram class tonight after all my "stuff" is done. Super cold here, but at least the sun is out! Judging by the weather forecast, it might hit the 30's on Sunday, which means I can RUN OUTSIDE!

    Krampus-- That run sounds SO good!! I wish it would warm up around here. Ugh. Anwho, good for you for getting back in the groove. Interesting dinner choice, too. Yay for your trip!!!

    -- Sometimes, you just need a nugget. No worries! As for the massage, that's odd.... either way, hope you at least feel physically relaxed. Hope you are feeling a little sunnier today! Let us know if you feel like skipping exercise, we'll give you the oomph you need. I will need you to give me some oomph re: Not eating a ton of food/going past my calories. hahaha
    Friday night sounds fun!

    -- I SO admire your willpower, those Oreos would have been gone so fast if it had been me. The weight loss process is in fact rather sucky, you're right. Be proud of your progress so far, even prouder of your persistence, and look forward to your future

    Lawgirl-- Come on back!

    LostAngel--I'm dealing with the terrible weather too, so icky! Congrats on the scale victory. Glad your family is supporting you, as the positivity is so important. Keep it goin'!

    Miz-- Whoooaa I don't think I have every stayed at that low of a calorie count on a normal, be-awake-all-day kind of day. Amazing will power! I was having a day like that recently, where I wanted to post a sign on my back that said "Do not Disturb, Stark Raving B*tch"
  • Morning all!

    FPSJ - Yay for sleep! It can be so hard. I couldn't do the no-weighing thing. I would feel as if I had removed my accountability/crutch. Good on you and Kawaii for breaking free.

    MiZ - I love those days where you fall under calories but you didn't *starve* They make me feel better about maintenance, when I get there. I hope TOM isn't too bad.

    krampus Beef jerky is so tasty, I think I'd have more trouble avoiding it than Madison's Oreos.

    I've got 35 min left on my "Friday" shift. I can't wait to get some sleep, but I know that I'll have to cut sleep short to socialize with my housemate. She assumes that I can get up at noon after four days on graveyards and hang out with her and gets really put out if I don't. It really messes up my turnaround, but if I sleep in I get called lazy and jokes get cracked about how I can sleep 12hrs straight all the time. (which I don't especially not on days my friends start calling me 5 hours into my night. They just don't get it.) I also hate short nights, because I weigh more when I get up than if I had slept my 7-8 hrs.

    On a better note, I went thrift-store browsing yesterday, looking for some heavier dumbells. No luck there but I got a cute nike workout top (I fit a large! I rarely can wear a large anything with built in bra!) and it was brand new with tags attached for $6. I'll be wearing it to the gym tonight.
  • Madison LOL that you were using a workout from a gay men's website. That made my day. Good job with avoiding the oreos. I remember something one of my psych professors said about willpower, "It's like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets".

    Rainbow Congrats on 20kg lost!! Maybe the boy will be more available this weekend? Monday is Valentine's Day after all.

    krampus You've worked really hard, and don't think it's stupid you want to enjoy good food or relax on vacation.

    Kawaii An egg mug is delicious! You put egg substitute and low fat cheese(I usually use a Laughing Cow cheese wedge) in a coffee mug and microwave it. I also put it stuff like green pepper or thinly sliced ham. Here's the original recipe I use.

    JL Congrats on the loss! I love the whoosh loss. It always surprises me.

    FPSJ I'm such a scale addict. I can't go without a day without weighting myself. My weather here is frigid too. Supposed to be a high of 20 today.

    fromthebox I love thrift store find stories. Maybe check Play it Again sports (or something like that) for weights?

    I have school tonight, blah! Contemplating making cupcakes for everyone for V-day, but I feel like it would be testing my will power. I love baking. My tendon is feeling better. I have new inserts for my shoes that my uncle, who's a physical therapist told me to get. I feel like an old person, I'm only 23 and wearing shoe inserts
  • Hiiii everyone, got time for a few personals before i have to head to the gym. Saw 59.9kg again on the scale this morning Hopefully its not a fluke! Hopefully I dont get complacent and screw it up! Its a bit cooler today which is good since its been so hot recently, I'm thinking of doing all the jobs that I can today and then if it warms up in the afternoon I might head to the beach, see if my sister wants to come with me.

    lupo- im contemplating that too, but yeah, temptation >.< Dont feel old! Comfort is way more important

    fromthebox- how inconsiderate of your housemate! I think i would have a fit if someone tried to do that to me. I'm not even worth hanging out with when sleep deprived!

    fatpants- how do we always end up with so much stuff to do on our days off? I am running around today too, hopefully we have productive days and things take less time than we expect so we can relax later on

    krampus- exciting!!!!

    miz- aw hope people leave you in peace soon just be really rude and obnoxious, that works wonders

    rainbow- i know right? About the wardrobe. Every time some event comes up- friends, job interview, new job- I go to my wardrobe and all my good stuff has to be pinned or cant be worn at all! And since I have no money and we're trying to save for an overseas trip at the end of the year, I cant replace stuff very often at the moment I do have a wedding coming up though, that I am allowed to get a new dress for Hope you go shopping and have fun!

    lostangel- thats so cool that your family is supportive! I think thats going to be a big help. And thats so nice of them to buy new clothes for your kids

    lawgirl- just jump in anytime you have a second! Sometimes i only appear once a week, othertimes im here every 5 mins xD
  • Rainbow - that's how I was yesterday. I wanted to just eat & eat & eat. Exercising & drinking a sh*t ton of water helped to curb the cravings.

    Krampus - OMG! That made me laugh out loud! What a fabulous dinner!

    I weighed in at 173 today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! So proud of myself since yesterday was so hard to stay away from food, but it paid off! I'm heading towards the 160s!!!
  • krampus Even if the dinner foods weren't great at least you didn't over do it YAY for Seoul, I'm excited on your behalf!

    MiZ I read something that maybe you shouldn't get too excited about eating way under calories otherwise it becomes a habit? I do the same thing though, I think it's great when I eat way under...but I know I shouldn't do it too often - however this week I'm wishing I had more so far, so that I could sneak in a few extra calories over the weekend!

    FPSJ Yay for a good night's sleep! I didn't have one unfortunately...too many dreams, and stressful dreams they were. Hope you get to run outside like you want to! You basically read my mind, I don't feel like exercising at all today. I know I should because I won't get to tomorrow and probably won't over the weekend (knowing me) and I have a couple of higher calorie days coming (I can pretty much tell that going out Friday night and my mum's birthday on Saturday night will drive them up a bit)...but I just don't feel the motivation. I have to though.

    fromthebox New workout top sounds good!

    lupos Oh man cupcakes. They sound good. Don't worry about your shoe inserts! I have some for a couple of pairs of shoes (my sports shoes and a pair of boots), they just make them more comfortable! They don't make you old :P As for my boyfriend and the weekend/Valentine's day - I think I'll be seeing even less of him this weekend than last since it's so close to his thesis due date! That's why I've made plans with friends for Friday night.

    Icon I swear I have this phenomenon where everytime I buy a new dress, one of my older dresses "disappears". Like I have a bunch on rotation, and everytime I get a new one, one of the others is gone. I can never remember what it was and I know they're not actually disappearing...but it's a bizarre thing that leaves me with less clothes! I dunno. I can't really afford to be shopping right now, but I'm feeling a little desperate...might see if I can get a new dress (hahha). Hope you get to go to the beach! I have been really slack at making the most of the summer :/

    Madison You'll get to the 160s in no time!

    ~I basically said everything in my various personals...but I slept in again, had a bad nights sleep due to stressful dreams, REALLY don't want to exercise but should due to various activities this weekend and I also really want to go shopping for a new dress or something since I feel like I have no clothes.
  • Ugh - I worked a night shift last which wasn't so bad (an 8 hr shift)... it was the fact that I had to stay an extra 3 hours to do some computer training. Didn't fall asleep til about 11am and I just woke up at 4:30pm (granted, it was pretty much broken sleep). My trainer said to take today off of exercise since he knew my crappy schedule last night, but I dunno. Maybe if I get enough energy later tonight I may go?

    I'm considering this because I plan to go to Edmonton early Friday and come home Sunday - so no exercising (but I'll be walking all over West Ed). On that note, what do you all recommend I do about eating? I don't want to eat every single meal/snack out! We have one big dinner planned at a fancy restaurant for our V-day date. But other than that I'm kinda stuck. I know I can pack lots of stuff in a cooler but I can't eat sandwiches every meal? Hmm...
  • hey everyone! i'm sooooo sleepy and zombie-like this morning... so you'll forgive me if i skip personals for now. my show last night was AWESOME! miyavi, i love you soooooooo much!!! and he was soooo hot! and he is sooooo talented!! haha (yeah, fangirl talking) but anyways, it was super fun, but i got back so late, hence the zombie-ness.

    this is what i looked like, for those who are wondering... i call this look "visual kei barbie" lol.

    (see attachments.... i can't use photobucket at school... and don't mind the mess on the floor... lol)

    i ate pretty good before the show, i think. we went to this pasta restaurant and i had this plate of kinda "spaghetti soup"? it's hard to explain. anyways, it was delicious, and the bowl was HUGE, but i only ate about half, so i was quite pleased with myself. we were kinda strapped for time, but i also felt really full. my only thing is that i ate a bunch of chocolates AFTER the show... about 400 calories. i don't think it's too bad, but since i don't quite know how many calories were in that spaghetti thing, i dunno whether i was ok with my calories or not... oh well.

  • Mkay so my day turned out to be totally irritating, involved wasting a ton of time, and now I'm exhausted. Far too tired for Yoga. Meh, taking a rest day.

    Also decided I cannot buy dry roasted sea salt almonds anymore because I just had a min-binge and ate 3 servings of them... which brings me to my calorie max. Siigh.


    Ok I'm done being crabby now. Time for sweatpants... Ttmorrow is a new day.
  • SweetScrumptious Are you staying somewhere you can cook simple meals?

    Kawaii Glad to hear you had a good time! Don't worry about the chocolates too much. And wow you look so awesome!! Seriously, I love your outfit and your hair and the bow (I am obsessed with bows...right now I have on a dress with a bow on the front, it also ties in the back with a bow...and I have a bow tattoo haha so there's always a bow in my outfits!). And your makeup looks so good!!

    FPSJ Sorry you've had an irritating day. Hope you get to relax now and you're right, tomorrow is a new day!

    ~I exercised, 30 min Hip Hop Abs workout with handweights added to the last 12 minutes. Now I'm dressed and pretty much ready to go shopping - except for once I kind of don't feel like going alone! I probably will though...and my cousin has invited me over for homemade burgers for dinner - hopefully I can cope with that in my calories! I should probably eat some lunch at some point...