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rainbowstripe 02-07-2011 11:03 PM

MiZ I guess why not enjoy it while it's around haha, I must say I wouldn't mind a bit of interest/intrigue right now...I'm still thinking about a hot dog haha. Or even just the frankfurter. Oh man. Glad to hear you're not pregnant (I'm guessing you didn't want to be!).

krampus No worries, it's only because you are doing/have done so awesomely anyway. Scary, binge-monster attack...is there anyway you can just tell yourself that you won't eat your food til a certain time? I know with my work days at least, I won't eat lunch til at least 1pm. I have a snack in between breakfast (usually around 8.30am) and then...and another snack between lunch and dinner (which is usually not til 7, 7.30, 8 sometimes).

~30 minutes left at work, this has been the longest day ever. My boss called before, I know she is watching me since I've been on the computer nearly all day :/ But she didn't say anything, just asked how it was up here - I get frustrated with her calls like that since I know she is watching on the camera and can see it's been dead all day!
Anyway, needless to say, I am sleepy, still constipated (sorry tmi) and really not feeling like Zumba. Would rather just go home and eat icecream and watch Glee or Gossip Girl (whichever downloads fastest) haha. In reality...I'm going to force myself to go to Zumba and then I'll go home and eat/collapse.
I just ordered my boyfriend a Valentine's day present even though we kind of don't celebrate it...a giant fortune cookie dipped in chocolate and covered in edible dinosaur sprinkles...with a personalised message inside. Hah. CHEESY. At least it's dinosaurs and not hearts though.

MaddieBPhoto 02-07-2011 11:25 PM

Rainbow - that's a cute idea! I love it! Did you go to Zumba??

Our snowstorm just blew in & blew in HARD. I'm watching snow blow in sideways. We're supposed to get anywhere between 3 & 8 inches by tomorrow night. So, me & baby will be staying inside. I did more circuit training today! And am calorie cycling. :) Come on 172!!! Gotta go snuggle baby & finish watching The Bachelor :) Goodnight!!!

krampus 02-08-2011 01:20 AM

I caved around 1:30 pm and got a couple rice balls. I've pretty much already had 3 meals (it's 3:20 pm). At around 1200 calories already. Maybe I'll just go to bed as soon as I walk in the door. How can anyone be this hungry? I've been forcing liters and liters of water and hot tea down. Nothing works.

MadisonAvePhoto Have a nice night in, stay safe and warm. Snow is the pits.

rainbowstripe Yeah, I should put in some more rules. I'm thinking maybe a "no rules at all" approach might ease up the mania. If I am "allowed" to eat as much as I want whenever I want, I probably won't.

SweetScrumptious 02-08-2011 01:37 AM

Krampus what do you eat for breakfast? I find that eating a protein-rich breakfast helps reduce hunger cravings throughout the day, thus reducing excess calories/binges. Good protein sources are eggs, cottage cheese, skim milk, etc. Maybe even try upping your fiber intake to aid in satiety (the feeling of fullness).

KawaiiCandie 02-08-2011 01:42 AM

MiZ, lol, sorry you're having such a frustrating TOM! apparently, february is the "return of the ex boyfriends" month or something... just ignore him.

JL, oh noes! hope you feel better soon. just make sure you rest a lot. i've done 30DS with a headache before, and it actually helped a bit, but it was hard work minding myself to even START the dvd. lol. good luck!

icon, congrats on the loss! i think when you eat when you're hungry, you tend to eat less. when i went home for the hols, i was eating fast food EVERYDAY, but i would control myself and eat decent meals at home, and i didn't gain a single pound. my point is when you don't feel forced to eat, or to restrain yourself, you just feed your body when it needs it, and that's probably the healthiest way.

rainbow, i'll let you know what i wear! it has to be a "rock style" outfit, since it's for a vk concert, haha... i'm thinking either my black tutu skirt or my grey acid-wash jeggins for bottos... yet to figure the top... lol! i'm glad to hear your concert was great :) hope mine is as awesome tomorrow! wee!

krampy, sorry yesterday was such a big fail for you. i'll give you a big hug and hope tomorrow is better! i think when you are on a diet, sometimes you binge on foods that are a bit irrational... like wouldn't you binge on sweets instead of kimchi? but then the kimchi is what you got in your fridge, so... lol! :hug:

avie, welcome! there is no shame in liking gossip girl, haha.

aaah, i feel so drained of energy!!! it's my first time posting today and it is almost 4pm! that tells you how busy i was today! taught grade 5 elementary school this morning, and the kiddies were cute, but there is this one boy in the first class, he has problem and is always kinda loud and annoying, but the teachers usually kinda ignore him, or try to get him to play nicely... anyways, today he was worse than usual - really disruptive - and would NOT shut up, so at one point, i just yelled at him really angrily to stop talking! lol. everybody was super shocked cuz i'm the cutesey, fun, alien-teacher in the class. well he shut up! lol. it just baffles me that japanese teachers have no idea how to deal with discipline at all... *sigh* well anyways, after that i had class all afternoon at my regular JHS, so i'm dead!

nothing much exciting going on tonight. got some errands to run after school, then home and dinner. hopefully i wont overeat cuz i made some stew last night and there are two big pots in the house and i'm afraid i'll eat too much of it! haha... it's kinda funny though cuz you guys are all talking about being so hungry and stuff... i haven't really been feeling any (abnormal) hunger at all for the last couple of days... so weird.

hope everybody has a nice tuesday!

krampus 02-08-2011 01:42 AM

I usually eat a single serving of plain yogurt (60 kcal), which is not a lot. I like to have a sizeable lunch and a lot of calories left over for dinner/pre-dinner snacks, but I am going to try having a larger, more protein-heavy breakfast tomorrow morning (if I can get out of bed and bother to make it).

SweetScrumptious 02-08-2011 01:46 AM

I think that would work wonders for you. My trainer recommends breakfast be the most important-most biggest meal of the day (which is really hard to do as society associates dinner as being the most biggest meal of the day)

rainbowstripe 02-08-2011 03:00 AM

Madison I hope he loves it too! I didn't want to spend too much, and didn't want to put too much pressure on him in case he feels like he needs to get me something! Oooh snow! Stay warm :D And yeah I went to Zumba.

krampus Maybe just a few rules? I dunno...I think I need some more rules! I'm also with you on the small breakfast...I don't like to eat a lot in the morning, and I would also rather save my calories for later on.

Kawaii TUTU SKIRT! Haha sorry I'm just jealous that you can rock it! You look so good in it! Last night I wore a darkish royal blue with white polka dots dress with a pale brown belt and those sandal wedge shoes I posted a few weeks ago. It was great because I didn't feel like I stuck out for being huge or anything!

~So Zumba was really hard. Combined with constipation/gas, period cramps and sore muscles from yesterdays attempt to get back into running, I barely made it through. But I did.
After dinner I like to look at Fitday, where I log my calories, and see where the biggest number of calories came from. I'm at 1356 for the day so far, so enough room for a post dinner snack - but I can't believe I just ate 292 calories worth of sourdough bread! Hah. Totally worth it though, it was SO good.
I just applied for a job I REALLY want - receptionist at a veterinary hospital! Ah would be great!

fromthebox 02-08-2011 03:20 AM

*sticks her head in the door*
I am a terrible chat-member so I don't usually post in here, but I lurk..

Rainbowstripe - Good luck on the Veterinary receptionist gig! I loved working for the local hospital here, though I was more of a receptionist/vet tech/anything Dr K needed. I might be going to Vet School next fall too.

*sneaks back out of the room*

rainbowstripe 02-08-2011 03:31 AM

fromthebox Hi hiiiii. Thanks for the luck! I am so ready to get out of retail, and I love animals. I think it could be something I'd have to get used to - animals dying and stuff - I'm pretty sensitive...but I think overall it would be a good job for me!

FatPantsSkinnyJeans 02-08-2011 09:05 AM

In a shocking turn of events, instead of a massive gain, I had a loss?!?!

Scale said 122.0 even today! I am speechless. I really thought that I was going to have a massive gain. I literally ate probably an entire sleeve of crackers, 10+ cookies, 3+ cups snack mix, & more during my time stuck at work last week. SO weird.

Eh, I'm not arguing! Very pleased.

Krampus-- I agree with the breakfast thing. Can't hurt to try! I also think you're on to something with the restrictive mentality. It might help to say "today I am going to eat (natural, non-junk/sugary foods) when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full, and I'll see how many calories I had when the day is over."
I feel myself getting a little panicky sometimes too with the calories, and then it turns into me "breaking the rules". In reality, if I hadn't been so fixated on the rules, I might have just eaten a few hundred calories more instead of a 1,000+ calorie binge. Let us know how it goes!

Rainbow-- Good luck w/ the job app!

Madison-- I had more snow here last night too, and I am just SO done with winter. Spring is only... 2-3 months away?! Hahaha... ugh. Hope baby slept well :)

Sweet--Welcome! I agree w/ the breakfast thing. Do you eat before you work out? I'm taking a poll. I have a friend who is fixated on not eating before workouts because it aids fat burn, but I feel like my energy fizzles and dies when I do that, which negates the workout. Thoughts?

Kawaii--Nice discipline!! Hahaha. I have very little patience for misbehaved children, unless they're in an open field where the sound is absorbed and they can be rambunctious at a distance. Your outfits sound way fun!

Fromthebox--Welcome, and feel free to post and post often! I feel like it helps, because then I'm accountable, and I'm free to have verbal diarrhea whenever I want to -- even if it's not directly about dieting or weight loss.

Lots to get done today, again. Sometimes days off don't even feel like days off, with all the errands/cleaning/etc. Oh well. I'll get to it when I get to it. Off to a good start with a solid night of sleep and a good weigh-in, anyway.

Plan for exercise today: Long run (5 miles) in 50 mins on treadmill, because it's going to be a total of *10* degrees F today. ugh.

Will also be baking some chicken breasts later to incorporate into my salads, to help with the whole protein-to-keep-me-fuller mentality. We can do this, Krampus!

Happy Tuesday (or Wednesday) :)

MiZTaCCen 02-08-2011 09:20 AM

Rainbow - Drink two full throttle (an energy drink...I tell ya it works better then a laxative! for me anyways...) Oh dinos I love Dinos! And that’s a def no to a baby right now :P also don’t feel so bad about gas…(TMI) I normally fart when I work out and I don’t know why it’s like my body clears my system of it’s toxins as soon as I start moving haha.

Ladies – She still hasn’t come yet but the cramp (I always get cramps a week in advance (short burst of pain where I’m like ACK! Then good) to be like dude I’m coming get ready for a painful ride…literally haha

Krampus – Try just snacking on fruit? I bought fruit yesterday but it’s not ready to eat yet…stupid fruit…lol Also water never works for me, it goes right through my system and makes me pee a lot but never keeps me full.
Madison – We had 25 inches from Sunday night to Monday afternoon of snow yuck! Good luck to you there :D

Kawaii – It’s because they realized what they’re missing and know who they’re with now will never live up to how wonderful we really are. :P I don’t know how you teach kids…for the longest time I wanted to be a nanny haha but I realize I will never like other people’s kids or be a kids person until I have my own. So teaching and nanny jobs are out of the question for me haha.

Sweetscruptious – My trainer told me to eat something as soon as I wake up first thing in the morning because waiting until 9am was too long from a 5 am wake up…now I’m hungry all the time first thing in the morning it sucks and I find myself over eating in calories because I start super early.

Who sends a pregnant woman to work at a place where you need to kick out vagrants that are potentially violent from stairwells they decide to do their drugs and sleep in? All they needed to do is give me a raise for the two months (since I’ve already done this job the first time around before I quit) and then when the guy gets back put me back on my regular salary. I guess looking for logic in this place isn’t something I should be doing…

What’s the deal with Tuesdays? It’s the day of the week that doesn’t really belong. It’s like Monday you wake up and are recovering from the weekend…Tuesdays is just blah, Wednesday is hump day and you know the week is almost over. Thursdays is Friday eve and Friday is like thank god it’s here…but Tuesdays they just don’t fit in anywhere.

Yes you can tell I have nothing to talk about. Oh I didn’t work out yesterday I know what is the deal with my lazy ***? Oh that’s right I was enjoying playing the sim’s 2…my new addiction for the time being. (I have the sims 3 but sims 2 is so much more exciting you can actually kill your person with the simplest things. In sims 3 it takes forever…god.) Okay I’m officially losing my mind now.

Happy Tuesday!!

fromthebox 02-08-2011 09:23 AM

FPSJ - thanks for the welcome! 10 degrees is quite cold! I grew up in that kind of weather, but I much prefer my 66 degrees here. Yesterday it was almost 70 here, if I wasn't on night shift, I'd have gone to the beach.

So, today is a very important Tuesday. I am waiting on a letter that will tell me whether or not I've been accepted to Veterinary School. Every day that I wait for it the feeling that I got rejected gets stronger.

At least I got back OP yesterday. Small victories, one at a time.

FatPantsSkinnyJeans 02-08-2011 09:47 AM

Ooo Oooo yay! Fromthebox, I'm a night shifter too! Now we can trade stories and gripes about how hard it is to not be a hot mess with calories/sleep/exercise.

PS-- Krampus, I'm a nurse :)

luposlipaphobia87 02-08-2011 10:21 AM

Krampus I don't know if they'd have this where you are, but here they have Crystal Light packets that also have fiber in them. I put it in my water, and it seems to keep me more full. I also like to eat Egg mugs in the morning they're really easy to make and have a lot of protein. Look on the Hungry Girl website for the recipes.

FPSJ YAY for the loss! I love when that happens. I think calorie cycling, even unintentionally, works.

fromthebox You are so lucky. I can only dream of 66 degree weather right now. I want Spring!

rainbow Good luck with your job hunting! I thought about being a Vet but I'm too much of a softie to see animals in pain. I hope you feel better too!

Kawaii Good for you! Sometimes kids just need some discipline. Did everyone have shocked looks on their faces? I'm just imagining it, and it's funny.

Miz That Tuesday bit reminded me of Seinfeld, but you're totally right. Tuesday fits in no where, and Tuesdays are blah.

My eating is going fine. I kept under calorie over the weekend!!!! I got to go to this really nice salon and had my hair cut and dyed back to it's original color using a Groupon. But my Achilles tendon is killing me. Stupid tendon, not allowing me to run. Have any of you guys ever had Achilles tendinitis? What did you do for it?

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