**Weekly Chat February 7 - February 13**

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  • Morning all! Personals later...

    So no weigh in this month so far I'm doing good but I'm really itching to step on the scale but at the same time don't care too much because I know my eating habits the last few days have been SH!T!

    HOLY COW LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW! Winter snow warning today we're getting up to 25 cm after having a wonderful week of snow melting and +6...my feet are soaked and will stay soaked all day I hate that! Not to mention my ex enjoys sending me random damn email and it's like dude if you weren't over me you shouldn't have walked out on me you dumb piece of a$$hat sh!t for brains...GAWD I wanna punch him in the face like 5 times! yes 5 TIMES nothing more nothing less! Maybe a little more heh...

    I want to see my green shirt guy...I want to punch him in the face too but only once...Yes I'm in the mood to punch people in the faces of course I never do tho...well my ex I would but anyone else...nope I'm a wimp...and I'm soo hungry right now it's 7am and I want a HOT DOG! TOM is (hopefully) coming next week...seems like it my normal I dislike everything and can eat anything that comes in my way...I'm drinking water right now to keep my hunger at bay.
  • Oh wow...I feel like crap today! Head hurts, Nose is running, I feel weak and tired and just want to go to bed but can't because hubby is leaving for working and I have 2 kiddos. I was really hoping I would get a good workout in today but I'll be lucky if I pull off a 20 minute workout...I'm so tired! And thats only if my headache lets up...has anyone tried jumping jacks or jump rope or jumping period with a headache....it doesn't feel good at all..in fact it feels like your brain is mush and is bouncing around in your head! Im glad I got school over with today...but I'm not glad that I had to walk in the sleet/snow 2 parking lots with my nose dripping (sorry tmi!) just to get there..and on a negative note it's almost that time of the month and i'm sure if i dont get a good exercise 2nite i will be up on the scale in the morning! BLAH--

    Hope everyone is having a better day than me! Sorry I can't do personals right now.
  • Madison- aw that sounds like its going to be a really nice day!

    miz- im sensing a lot of pent up anger I would go nuts if my ex was sending random emails. You could just add him to your spam list right? Although, I'd be curious...but sometimes the stress and anger is just not worth it you know? Its just asking for a heart attack lol.

    JL- aw sounds like you've caught a nasty bug. Yeah, jumping with a head ache is not fun, i definately wouldnt recommend it if you value your brain.

    So its weird. I havent been to the gym for a while, and I've been eating when I'm hungry (i figure that its a good idea right, even if it goes a little over calories, because it reinforces that habit which is how *normal* people eat or whatever) and I'm down to 60.1kg this morning Not sure how that happened, but im not complaining And my mouth is feeling almost back to normal today! Apart from the lack of jaw flexibility lol
  • Kawaii I'm sure you'll come up with a super cute outfit

    Icon Geez, expensive! I'm not sure how one becomes a JP...I just know my grandfather has "always" been one. He's also in council though so maybe that has something to do with it? No idea... Sufjan Stevens is an awesome musician. Folk/pop/craziness. His show last night was SO so good. Just made my February.
    Yay for your weigh in and "normal" eating thing! And the pain being nearly gone!

    MiZ You seem to have a lot of boy drama heh. Maybe you should get a punching bag! A hot dog actually sounds pretty good, I don't think I've had one in over a year.

    JL Hope you feel better soon - jumping around at all with a headache is never a good idea!

    ~So the Sufjan Stevens concert last night was AMAZING. Seriously. I'm not normally one to smile at things, but I was smiling the whole time. I loved it. Definitely a highlight of 2011 so far!
    What's not a highlight? Work. Yup. Don't want to be here. Making it worse is the fly buzzing around my head - come on, I showered this morning! I can't be that dirty! I washed my hair yesterday!
    My sister just texted me that there is a new store opening around my area looking for employees...but it's a cupcake shop. I'm thinking that would not be a good place to work, all that temptation!
    I didn't weigh this morning because I'm "backed up" - always happens when I have TOM, so I figure I'd be up, combined with that and my leg muscles are sore from my run yesterday.
    Zumba after work today, then home to my parents. Uni has intensified for my boyfriend so much that he walked there at 7.30 this morning. CRAZY. Just going to kind of write off any proper time together til like the 21st of this month.
  • Hey everyone!

    Finally done with my work weekend... now I have 3 days off. Aaahhhh. Feels so good to get away from the stress, even if it's just for a few days.

    Planning on a Bikram class in a bit...also, must get laundry done tonight, as it is out of control.

    I'm so nervous for my weigh-in tomorrow. I know I'm going to be up, because of last weeks' debacle with the storm/binge snacking for 3 days. Siiiigh. Gotta be accountable, and keep moving forward, I guess.

    Krampus-- Hang in there, almost time for your trip! No time for tears, too many good things to look forward to

    -- I am very intrigued by the link you posted about the training program! I may have try it as part of my routine when I'm done w/ my Yoga classes... (I have 20 to use by the end of March, so I'm kind of viewing it as a personal challenge to get 2-3 in per week). PS-- oOh myyygaaahhdd I'd love an Oreo right now. Siiigh.

    JL-- Feel better soon! I just got over my sickness a few days ago, I feel like it lingered forever. Doesn't winter just suck?!

    -- So proud that you got back out there and ran! It can be so hard to get psyched up for it sometimes. Also, glad you enjoyed the concert. My life has been sadly devoid of good live music... Anywho, hang in there at work. I sure know that feeling.. I practically ran out the door this morning!

    Lianna- Congrats on the pants-- love closet surprises!

    Icon-- Send the warm my way! Predicted high tomorrow here: 7F. Gross. Also, happy to hear the scale was kind!

    Miz-- Haha love the guy-rage. Gotta let that stuff out, though. I have the hungry horrors as well, and I am trying SooOOoO hard to keep the calories down today. Water never works. Siiiigh. We shall see...

    -- Glad you had some positive news on the scale!
  • FPSJ 3 days off work sounds good. I have 2 off after today. So many things I want to do but I'm pretty sure I'll mostly just sleep, exercise, relax. Hope the weigh-in isn't as bad as you think. I'm sad now because I have no more gigs to look forward to! Have had 2 and a festival so far this year and now nothing...hopefully someone else good decides to come to New Zealand!
  • Yesterday was a huge fail. There was an open box of cookies at this English conversation group and it was so dry and boring that I probably ate like 20 of them. Went home and binged some more - on KIMCHEE and CAMEMBERT and MANDARIN ORANGES. Some calcium-enriched uber-high-sodium dried seaweed too. Who does that?!

    Up about a pound since yesterday putting me at 131 or so/59.5, which is way out of my ideal range. I got up early this morning and worked out but I just feel like a broken bottomless pit. I've already picked at half my packed lunch and bought a processed bread roll for breakfast. I'm on track with calories but I just can't believe how hungry I feel and I'm not sure why.
  • Hi everyone,

    Just stopped by the weekly chat and thought i would say hi Also just wanted to say to krampus that i totally sympathize with the hunger thi g. O e thing ive found tht really really helps for me is not having a coffee in the afternoon and eating both good carbs and protein early in the day. On mornings when i run (5k three days a week) i always have an egg and toast ... And i cant even tell you how much better i feel all day. As an aside, my runs are 100x better when i have good food in my system vs sugars and simple crbs.

    Anyways, jut wanted to say hi. Gossip girl is on soon and while the show can be a bit ridic, it is great fashion inspiration!
  • krampus Oh dear. I feel you on the hunger, I am having some severe hunger this week. I've never been a binger (I don't think) but I feel like I could have one pretty easily. You're not broken! You've done so well, you can do well again!

    avie Hey there! Ooh, thanks for reminding me about Gossip Girl. I download it (shhhh) since we're like a whole season behind or more here in New Zealand - so if it's airing there soon, should be available online soon too! I love the fashion inspiration too - though more Blair than Serena
  • Uuugh. Bikram complete, but I'm putting laundry off until tomorrow. I am positively exhausted.

    Probably going to go over on calories tonight, but it is my post- night shift day so I always expect to be a little higher. Still struggling to find a balance . My job involves me essentially being on my feet/walking/pushing/lifting for 10 of the 12 hours, so I am ravenous if I eat any less than 1500 cals per 24h, sometimes to the point of headaches and dizziness.... yet, I know I should probably try and eat less to lose. Or exercise more? Who knows....

    Rainbow-- I'll probably lay around all day tomorrow too, hahaha! Whateverrrr, we need down time!

    -- I am the exact same way with the sweets... I just can't have them in the house or near me. I narrowly escaped a cookie disaster on my way out of work this morning-- I stopped after 2, but could have easily eaten 5.

    -- Hey there! I am just getting into running myself, and I'm having a tough time with the proper eating too. Do you make yourself wait until after your run to eat?
  • FPSJ Seems like you do a lot of exercise with your job! I definitely wouldn't eat less if you are getting to the point of dizzyness! It must be hard to find a balance with those hours - but you seem to be doing pretty well!
  • Rainbow, I'm tryin'..... but sometimes I just wish I could have a normal job like everyone else! OOOh well. Thanks for the nice words
  • FPSJ I think a lot of people want a job other than the one they have -_- I just have to keep reminding myself I need the money!
  • Icon - Me angry...never...:P and congrats for being down today! Woot! I still refuse to step on a scale this month!

    Rainbow - Sometimes I have lots of boy drama...and than the dry spell comes...So I'm enjoying it until it lasts haha. and I haven't had a hot dog in years and I remember why after I ate mine. :P YUCK!

    Fatpants - I don't think the calorie count stayed down today haha. oh well what can I say TOM is coming and I'm starving...I don't even know why! Also I did half of my laundry tonight haha I don't have enough time to do the rest it's almost bed time. :P

    Krampus - I know the feeling man this week has been none stop nothing can satisfy my hunger it's like wtf?! Is TOM coming? I'm usually like that a week before...Like this week! haha


    Oh the joys of cramps...I have to say I welcome you this month...It makes me excited to pretty much know TOM is on the way and I aint preggers! meeee sooo happy!
  • YAAAAAY glad to hear you've got no bun in your oven MiZ! I have noticed that the week before TOM I tend to be a little hungrier than normal. Since I'm on the pill I can track that. It's a bit early for that though, I imagine I'm just coming down from the sugar binge of the past couple days.

    FPSJ Nice work curbing the cookies. I wish I could stop at 2. What is your job exactly? Emergency worker?

    rainbowstripe Thanks for your faith in me. I was never a binger until I got under 59 kg, and now it's like all the forces of nature are trying to keep me at or over. One day at a time.


    I finished all my food by 11:10 am. It's 12:50 now. Trying to stay away from my desk which seems to be the locus of all the fanatic nibbly-grazy urges.

    Raining now, maybe it will stop. I'm glad I got a Tae Bo workout in this morning.