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ressey 02-08-2001 05:58 AM

I had no idea this was down here. Wow! Ladies who are my age going through the same crap I am.....who knew.

Hi. I'm Abby. I post here and @ Richard Simmons. Funny, I just read the thread about fooling yourself in thinking that you are not big....well. Dec 1999, I weighed almost 300# and I was wiggin'. In my mind I think I thought I was 150# or something. My family took some pictures at Christmas and that's when it hit. I started eating right/ exercizing and by this year I have lost 45 pounds. I still have some more to go. I just recently got engaged, and I did the "oh-I need to get in shape before the wedding" stuff. I have been pretty successful with R.S. and with low-carbing' it. I think I am addicted or something. Anyway. I hope that we can all get this thread up and running. Looking forward to meeting all of you--AR

PRINCESSPHOEBE 02-08-2001 03:05 PM

hey girl!!

congratulations on the engagment!!! and tell me about the carbs thing.. i know im an addict!!! move over heroine... theres a new drug.. carbs! i swear.. i need them.. and i know thats were i go wrong.. with me. its patatoes and bread... im not a pasta person!
well congrats on the weightloss that fabulus! way to go!!! i totally hear ya about denial!! i swear in my head.. im young beautiful vibrant.. and then.. theres a mirror.. and like..ok... not too bad...(denial is very strong).. its always the pics!! i was looking at pics.. and i started to cry. I don't want this to be me... but its part of who i am..
well congats again.. and stay strong!


Never frown! You never know who is falling in love with your smile!
and i've got a kickass smile :P

ressey 02-08-2001 09:53 PM

Carbs....so good and so evil at times.

The book I read was Carb Addicts (by the Hellears). They explain what happens to your body when you eat an excess of carbs. Some people can't even stop after one serving of chips, cookies, potatoes, etc. This diet basically makes you eat protein and veggies for 2 meals and then a balance "reward" dinner with protein, veggies, carbs, and usually a dessert. So, I never really feel deprived. If I want something seet during the day, I just tell myself to wait a few hours and I can have my share.

When you read it, it seems like it's impossible, but after you get through the first two days, it seems like a breeze. The hunger pains you get during the day diminish. Quite nice.

Thanks for responding. I hope we can continue to chat on this line. Have a good day---Abby

PRINCESSPHOEBE 02-10-2001 12:10 PM

the carb atticts.. hmmm.. i think that is sooo me!!! can u tell me more about it.. its a book.. is it a safe plan.. what the dealy yo? ,.. sorry..lol.. im suck a geek.. anyhow.. i would love to here more about that plan... so let me know!!!

keep smiling!

Never frown! You never know who is falling in love with your smile!
and i've got a kickass smile :P

twitchycat 02-11-2001 03:54 PM

I admit it. I love pasta, white bread, potatoes, corn. The Hellears sound like they are on to something good, but useing the last meal of the day as a "reward" kind of makes me a little nervous. http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//umm.gif It doesn't seem to me likt that is a good way of thinking. But I gues maybe after awhile you wouldn't need that kind of reward, that the weight loss would be enough of one by itself, and that the habits of the daytime eating would eventually carry over to the evening meal.

ressey 02-12-2001 02:05 AM

Hey there PP and TC!

A lot of people manage this low-carb way (especially diabetics). I suggest that you pick up a copy at the library, or thumb through it one night at Borders or Barnes and Noble. If you agree with what is said, maybe you can buy the book (it's about 12$)...

It's called the Carb Addicts Life Plan and it's targeted for older people, but it applies to all ages. The Hellers are the authors. Maybe the weight issue will start to make more sense and maybe we can put a name to the reason that we have a hard time with weight loss programs.

I agree that it seems way restrictive to just eat carbs at dinner or just for one meal, but when you follow the program, you will hardly be hungry after a few days. The worst was when I started to crave all sorts of crap that I hardly ate anyway. But, I hung in there and it was a-ok. There is a little quiz in the book that rates your level of addiction and I was only mildly-moderately addicted.

Hope that helps. Also, visit the low carb board here--they are a bunch of really neat ladies and can probably tell you more since I am a newbie at this.

Keep me updated. Abby.

PRINCESSPHOEBE 02-12-2001 12:49 PM

i did a search on that carb addicts.. found the hellers homepage.. u can buy that book online... well i took the quiz there.. apparently im extremely addicted.... go figure! i think im going to pick up that book.... who knows... maybe there is sometruth to it.

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