Crystal Light drinkers

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  • Do you count your bottles of Crystal Light as part of your water intake? I just got the small individual packets & dump it into my 1L. I could easily drink 5 of those a day
  • I think it counts as water. I'm addicted!

    But, then again, I easily drink 100+ ounces of plain water daily, too, so I'm not concerned about double-counting my drinks. I visit the ladies' room at LEAST every 40 minutes. I have a problem.
  • I love CL...but it does not love me
    I loathe plain water....trying to find ways to spice it up.
  • I count it as my water intake. I love CL :0)
  • You could try plain iced tea, too. I love Lipton Cold Brew!
  • Yes, I count it as my water intake, CL is the only way I can drink water on a regular basis without gaging. I try to drink at least 8oz of plain water a day, usually when I'm working out, to try and train myself to like the flavor. Yet, I couldn't get all my water intake in each day if I didn't have CL. Hope this helps.
  • Yes, I count it as part of my water intake, but I do add those calories to my count.
  • Me too, Count the calories and drink up
  • i don't drink CL but i do drink propel which is basically like CL but it goes in clear to your water.
    but i do count it as my water intake, and i also drink plain water when i workout.
    I just couldn't drink as much water without it....too plain. I think of it this way, at least im not downing diet coke like i used too.
  • We tend to spike ours with vodka, so that's probably a fail >.<

    However, I do drink at least 2L of plain water almost every day...
  • I love CL but it doesn't love me... gas

    I would count it toward my water...
  • I just bought some CL this weekend. On my first glass now..YUM!

    Sum-another thing to try is adding some lemon juice and a packet of splenda to your water. Instant, calorie free lemonade!

    I'll totally count it as water intake. I go through spurts where I just can't stand to drink plain water unless working out and then I start drinking too many diet cokes so CL and the above mentioned lemonade should get me through my current water strike.
  • I count it.

    I'm addicted to the Raspberry Lemonade.
  • I love Crystal Light. I count it towards my water intake. I'm also one of those people who hates drinking water unless I'm exercising. CL is helping me break my Diet Pepsi habit.

    Jenn, I really like the calorie free lemonade idea. I <3 Simply Lemonade, but there are a ton of calories in it for a small amount. I'll have to try it with splenda
  • Thanks everyone!! I got 4 bottles in yesterday - 3 CLs & 1 plain during working out.

    Marianne - that is my FAVORITE flavor!