OMG my first NSV

  • I started my journey 1/7/11 and I had my first NSV yesterday... I fit into a pair of jeans I havent been able to wear since before I got pregnant with my daughter over 3 years ago. And just ast weekend I tried them on and still couldnt wear em they were way too tight, but I thought to myself well at least I got em on. Then yesterday I tried again and now theyre a bit too bit. YAY!!!!!!!!!!
  • Congrats! Thats one of the best feelings ever!
    Kepp it up!
  • Woo! Go Ashley...Go Ashley. *doing the happy dance*

    In a good mood this morning. Had a 2 pound loss!

    We rock!
  • Yay! Isn't that wonderful?! You look beautiful.
  • Bravo!! Congrats on the success!!
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!!!! :-)
  • Thanks
    Thank you ladies for all of your wonderful support!
  • How exciting! Congratulations!!