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I would also like to jump in on this one, sorry that I'm late to the party!

According to my records I was about 179 when you all got going. As of today I am down to 176.6. By Valentine's Day I would like to drop another 10 pounds, making my goal for the challenge 166.6. Hopefully this will be a motivator for me, as I have been stalled out for the last week.
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Hmm, I disappeared, sorry. I'm at 157 (from 160 to start). Might actually get to 149 for Valentine's Day. That would be cool.

Keep it up, ladies!

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How is everyone doing? I have been MIA since I am moving. I hadn't weighed in for a couple days and jumped on the scale last night only to see 180! That is a 9 lb swing in like 2 days. But I am hoping it is water or something. Updates tomorrow.
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Working it out!
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CW: 183
GW by Feb 14th (Vday!): 161

Well that above was my CW when I first joined this thread on 12/1, but it is now 176. Here's to hoping we can all stay on track this season and get through the New Year ready to make our goal weights for Valentine's Day!

So that means I have 15 more pounds to go before reaching my vday goal. I am pretty much on schedule it seems. 2 lbs lost a week would bring me down to 160. So keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!!

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Hello ladies how you all are hanging in there! V day will be here shortly. Lets rock this challenge.
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Well im late joining. I totally ruined my chistmas goal. But I am ready. These last few days i feel SO unhealthy. I told want to put a high # cuz if I dont make it i feel horrible...soo

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I would like to join in if it isn't too late. I am 133.8 and would love to be close to 116 by Valentine's day. I am doing great so far but I have 5 Christmas celebrations to attend between now and January first- I can't let myself be derailed!
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Peeking in after being a lurker for a few days. The scale has me really frustrated so I admit I was ready to quit. I got my head straight and I am back down to 290.6 after going back up to 293.6. I pray I see a new decade by Monday.
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count me in! My goal is to be able to wear a tight LBD with out having to wear spanx. I want to wear lingerie!! ~15lbs idealy 20
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What a great idea! I'm a little late to the party, but I'll adjust my goals accordingly. I'd like to be 140 pounds by Valentine's day. I think that's a fairly realistic goal, and I'd kill to be a cute size 6 again (which is about what I think I am at that weight, since I'm in between an 8 and a 10 at 152).
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On the way down!
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Height: 5'10.75


I really need to join this challenge. I've been stalling/going backwards in my weightloss. Especially in the past week. Soooo much junk food and poor eating choices. No more. We did our whole Christmas deal today/tonight. Good times.For now, I just need to work. I'm hoping to be at 170 by Valentine's Day. I think I can do it. Mostly because I was around 175 right before Thanksgiving and have put on weight.No fun.
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Height: 5'9"


I am in. I would love to lose 15 pounds by valentines day.
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I'm sorry to be jumping in late too, but I could use the accountability! I've been maintaining my weight around 145-150 for the last year, but I think I need a challenge to motivate me to start losing some serious poundage. Mid-February is around spring break time, so I think Valentine's day is the perfect goal for me to lose around 8-10 lbs.
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hi all, i hope it's not too late to join this challenge
valentine's day is only two days before my birthday, so if i reach my goal it will be my special present to myself.

i would like to lose 10 lbs before valentine's day.
i'll do the 30-day shred each day. i'm currently in a part of the world where i can't run outside and gyms are exorbitantly expensive, so i'm going to have to really watch what i eat. this will be hard, as i love to cook, bake and eat. i typically offset what i eat with lots of exercise, but since i don't have access to that here i've noticed i've gained a few pounds.

good luck to everyone!
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tomorrow I need to get back to drinking my water, working out and counting calories. I feel like I gained 5 pounds in the last few days. my stomach feels full all the time from the food!
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