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Default UGH! NOT AGAIN!!! Baggy Clothes... ;)


I know it is a "fantastic" sign of weightloss, but I am tired of wearing pants too big for my nearly-non-existant butt! (I'm one of the no-butters from that one thread ) I must not be alone, right?!?!

Right now I'm currently in a pair of pants with the waist-band five inches too big, baggy butt & pant legs, but they're also "high-waters" on my 5'11" body.
... And it's one of my "better fittin' pairs" of jeans.
Curse you, tight-budget, curse you!

Oddly enough, I used to love wearing baggy clothes about fifty pounds back...

Let's hear it, what has the baggy-monster attacked for you lately?

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Nothing yet... but I'm hoping it shows up soon lol
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Oh it sure will, Janda. It first hit me around the twenty pound mark.

I caved in about 35 pounds lost and got new clothes, looks like it's gettin' time to do that again for pants...
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You no-butters make me laugh.. I could lose 150 pounds and I'd still have the bubble butt from ****.

I was getting to the point where my current clothes were too big, but I hadn't quite lost enough to run out and buy all smaller clothes. It was really annoying because the bagginess made me looker bigger than I really was at that point.

Now it is realllly annoying because the waist is fitting thanks to the baby bump, but my booty and thighs are smaller (than they have been in the past, which is still not actually "small" by any means) so none of my pants look like they fit even a tiny bit.
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lol, yes I understand this. I luckily have at least one pair from each size from when I was going up, but unless I want to do laundry all the time, I had to wear the bigger pants for a while too. But even then, there is that time where you are too small for the larger size, but still to big for the smaller, and nothing fits!

Belts help, but mines too big for me now, so I guess I'll have to break down and buy a new one when the jeans I have right now are getting too loose.
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OMG, I hate buying new pants. I have resorted to dresses. They last for a lot longer as you go down in sizes. Just a thought. Also, there's a resale store in my town that resells gently used garments that are name brand (re: Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, etc) at way reduced prices. Less than 20 bucks for most pairs. Just a thought.
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UGH! I agree!!! YES YES I know it is a GREAT sign of weightloss but I don't want to have to buy an entire new wardrobe every month!

I have another event tonight and I'm so sick of wearing the same things or wearing items that are WAY too big and looking like a fool! Not to mention this is NYC...people don't really dress in oversized clothing. =(
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I have gotten a little baggy. I bought a bunch of new jeans last winter and now i am around 25 lbs lighter (i was around 265 ish at the time) and they are all loose. Not 5 inches loose, but loose. I got some smaller sized capris for summer but I am hanging on to the jeans because they are barely worn..If it gets to the point that they are falling off, then yaah time for new ones.

A good resort to tight budgets is thrift store shopping.. Ive seen things that are bran new with the tag in thrift stores.. and at most they are a few dollars. Finding good stuff in my size tho is not so easy, but my skinny friend can shop at the thrift store and come out with super cute near bran new outfits.. Gerr...
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@zanheltangia Oh my gosh, we are so close to the same height/weight. Can I ask what size of pants you wear (you can say no, it won't hurt my feelings) I just get so excited when I meet anyone close to my same size, it doesn't happen very often that I come across another female taller than 5'8" and I always wonder how height plays into clothing sizes. Obviously, no matter how little we weight, we will always fit in larger sizes, we're just bigger people. I'm 6' and I fit into 16's (sometimes 14's depending on the brand)

I have a big butt, but it has no shape. Ha. I carry all of my weight in my hips/thighs, but not in that nice hour-glass figure way- more of a frumpy mom jean sort of way.

I don't have a problem with baggy clothes yet, unfortunately. I'm hoping soon though. I've lost almost 15 lbs in the last 6ish weeks and I'm getting discouraged that none of it has come from my hips because my pants all fit just fine. It always takes a good 20lb loss to go down in dress sizes.

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Thought I'd give my input ...

I have NO BUTT either ... I bought to pair of jeans around July after 30 lbs down ...and they were expensive and I LOVE THEM ... but they are starting to get a little loose about 10 lbs later. Not too loose where they look bad but soon I'll need to replace them.

I'm 5'10 about 182 now and I can fit an American Eagle size 12.
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I just broke down and bought new jeans at Catherines. They have a new "right fit" system which is supposed to match your body shape better. I always had problems getting things to fit my big but so the sales lady had fun trying to convince me that I NOW have a small butt and need to change my shape choice! I had been wearing 26, and 24 sizes. Now I'm down to 20/22's. Fun.
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AmandaW: lol, I know EXACTLY what you mean! Mine is gonna stay big no matter how much I lose....its a family thing.....along with big hips and thighs
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Another option is to just get your clothes altered. It's way cheaper than buying new ones.

I am however excited because I have not been able to comfortably wear a certain pair of jeans for about a year and a half - and I tried them on this morning as a "What the heck, why not" moment and WOW! They fit amazing!

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I had four pairs of jeans that used to be too tight, and now after an hour of wear they hang off my legs. Oh, and a dress that's too tight in the bust (still!) but absolutely hangs off me everywhere else. I need to learn to sew...
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I already do the thrift shopping, and maybe I should pull out the old sewing machine one of these weekends. I've debated for and against trying to alter my jeans myself. I got to research that a bit before I decide. I usually wait until the jeans are under $10 before I open my wallet anyway, but I don't know if I could wait now.

Greenteayum, Most of my weight is in my belly, "love" handles, and boobs, which is a bit odd, like a partially inflated volleyball with limbs, haha. I've got no problem comparing sizes, I have one generous size 14 that are on the verge of being comfortable, but I probably should be in a 16, the two I have are just looser than I like. Most of the pants I have now are in the larger sizes though... Ugh! Isn't it horrible trying to find a pair that is long enough for your legs? I found a pair of 16s labeled tall, and those things will stay with me until the end, I swear, even if they are so baggy that they bulge under my belts! Just because they are the perfect length, If only there was a brand that catered to the long legged, no butt, big-waisted crowd. I'm starting to "feel" my hips bones, but I have a few sizes of pants left to lose until I reach my hip-pant-size limit.

Amanda, it sounds like once the baby's out, you'll have some too big pants on your hands. At least you won't have to pick up larger pairs to wear in the meantime!

Miss, I've never been a dress person, but that does sound like a great solution. I'd have to wear spandex shorts under the dress for a while though. These legs aren't used to being nakkid under skirts anymore, I think that ended after my mom stopped putting me in dresses in elementary school, Maybe I'll try a dress once my thighs stop meeting as I walk,

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