UGH! NOT AGAIN!!! Baggy Clothes... ;)

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  • @boots- your goal rewards are great i want to get another tattoo so bad but I can't think of any part of my body that I want to stay the same size/shape and also want a tattoo on, so I'm waiting until I've lost a LOT of weight.
    As for me, none of my freaking jeans fit except one pair and they cut into my stomach when I sit down (though they're loose when I stand up). I've undergone a weird body shift, because usually I'm full in my butt and my chest, with a tummy sure but lately I have a GUT lol. So it's strange to me that not only does my stomach now stick out farther than my chest, my pants are looser in the rear than they are in the waist. NOT happy. I've been wearing basically nothing but yoga/sweat pants for months. My one pair of jeans maybe, if we're going out. Lol. They're my fancy pants I guess. I recently found my favorite pair of jeans, which looked amazing on me at my lowest weight (I wore them on what may have been my "skinniest day" and actually got compliments on MY jeans because they for once fit me so well.) which was 170 lbs. They still fit me around 200, though nowhere near as well, so they day I can fit back into them will be a happy one.
  • I hope to have baggy clothes soon
  • Try Levis, you can get them in the waist and "form" you need for your body plus they come in lengths.
  • A little update:NSV

    I am so happy that I found "Longs", those extra inches make all the difference when it comes to being comfortable!
  • My pants were already a little big when I started, they were out of stock in the size I wanted so I got them a bit bigger, they stretched and then I lost weight. I am taking them in each time they get too big cos I'm not ready to invest in new clothes yet, but I am getting very very tired of just getting them perfect then finding myself unpicking the same row of stitching all over again. I never seem to get finished sewing. I am a bit annoyed that I didn't keep at least one set of clothes for that "giant pants" weight loss picture too, but never mind. Back to the sewing machine, a more difficult job this time as I have to release the whole waistband to take up the bum cos the pants currently join up with my bra.
  • My work pants are like that and I still need to poke another hole in my belt to make the belt make the pants fit, but I've been too lazy haha. Some of my clothing are like that but I mostly wear skinny jeans which fit me nice and snug.