Adios to the 150s & 140s-2

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  • Lianna!
  • Congrats Lianna! Wow, that's awesome that you're losing that fast

    That's so exciting Sasha, it's fun to try on clothes after feeling good about how you look

    So yesterday, I was down to 144.6. Then I ate 6 or maybe 7 fun size candy bars over the day. A fun size Twix bar has 80 calories!!!! UGH back up to 145.6 today. I vowed I wouldn't eat any more, but I've already had 3 today. I really really promise I will have only 1 more tonight after I take my kids trick or treating and then I'll stop. I'm feeling conflicted because why should I let myself have 1 more, why don't I just say no?? It's like an argument in my head angel vs the devil lol. Stupid Halloween candy.....But I will be sure to eat lots of veggies and fresh food and keep my cals lower to make up for yesterday and today. One thing I did right is I didn't buy any the week before trick or treating. Usually I buy it, then eat 1/2 a bag over a week (btwn my hubby & me), then have to buy more!

    Good luck to everyone, resisting the sweets
  • Welcome and congrats, Lianna!!

    Well folks, last night and this morning was an utter fail on my part, diet-wise. I stayed over at a friend's house and just completely blew my diet...I weighed myself as soon as I got home and the scale said 143. From 138 at the beginning of the day yesterday!! I don't know if I should record it because I usually weigh first thing in the morning before I've ingested anything, so I know the number is not entirely accurate, but I know I definitely gained weight due to my weekend of indiscretion.

    I am learning, though...both times I've cheated on my diet, it's been due to social eating. I am flawless on the diet when it's just me, but as soon as I'm with friends it all goes out the window. I have really got to work on that.

    Here's to a good week, everyone!
  • Lianna congratulations on you weight loss and welcome!! Lilly again thats sucks. But keep going. Pinkflower its definitely a great idea to be eating healthy for the rest of the day.

    update: Today i weighed in at 140 lbs. I havent been at this weight ever. And i cannot believe it!

    Good luck everyone and have a perfect day!
  • hi all! happy halloween

    lianna, welcome!! congrats on the loss, and YES hang out in this thread till ur out of the 140s! and some of us that are out of the 140s have stayed bc the thread is so awesomely supportive

    pinkflower, JUST SAY NO TO THE TWIX!!! in my experience i can almost never just have 1 fun size bar. they’re so little and fun sized... and it’s only 80 cals... eeee. stay strong and good luck!

    lilly, omg don’t do that to urself! why eat a bunch of stuff and then step on the scale? all you’re weighing is the food and drink that is IN YOUR BELLY! not any change in fat. seriously, DON’T weigh midday/at night and DON’T trip out with day-to-day weight flux when u know you’ve eaten off plan. Your “weight” reflects much more than simple fat loss/gain and one day off plan isn’t going to undo all your hard work! back on track today! and you’re right, social eating is the hardest.

    lose25, holy **** you’re trucking through the 140s! well done you!! how exciting to see a number you’ve never seen!!!!! good job staying away from the tempting halloween fun, i agree it’s easier to stay on track when you’re a hermit lol!

    i’m exhausted from a halloween party last night, but the good news is I only had a beer and a half, one cookie, 5 kettle chips, and a mini twizzlers. not too bad considering years past. i’m going to try not to go too off plan today either. probably will enlist the help of my honey. he’s super supportive, and he’ll kindly keep me on track if i ask him to “not let me have any of those cookies” or something. Everyone have fun today!
  • Thanks, Lose25

    Thanks to you too, shasha12! I knowww I shouldn't weigh in at any other time but the morning, which is what I usually do, but I had to punish myself somehow so I remember never to do this again. I'm going to weigh myself periodically throughout the day and keep the lowest weight I record, since I'm hoping that'll be the closest to accurate that it gets for today. I'm absolutely going to get back on track! I'm so impressed by your self-control, I wish I had exercised the same.

    Pinkflower, I hope you do better at resisting Halloween sweets than I did!!

    Have some [on-plan] fun tonight, everyone!!
  • this weekend has been very tempting with all the yummy bbq my mom cooked but i managed to do OK..stayed under 1500 calories but was sooo tempted to eat, eat, eat. the closer i get to goal, the more hungrier i get..its like my body knows(or tellinng me) im getting ready to start eating at maintenance. im not much of a candy person so i could care less about the Halloween candy laying around(its mainly suckers and gumballs) if it was chocolate on the other hand, we'd have a problem! but i may treat myself to a lollipop(90 cal) sooner or later.

    TOM came for the second time this month so i wont know my official weight until this weekend...which im hoping will be at goal!
  • ok geesh i am posting as i am binging on food..ill be back on track Tommorpw!
  • Aw Brit, don't worry we're all going to do better this week!! New month, fresh start, right?

    So I have been weighing myself throughout the day since I ate early in the day and haven't been hungry since. It seems I'm settling at 141.6, which is still much higher than my 138 weigh-in yesterday but much better than the 143 I had right after I had eaten. I have got to stick to my plan!!
  • OMG SO here i was telling everyone to do well and here i am messing up big time!!! I had way too much halloween candy and pizza on top! I hate being home sunday evenings since its always about food and junk food. I feel so horrible! ughhhhhhh FML.
    SO brit and lillly i know how you both feel. Thank god its first of the month tomorrow. Fresh start!!
  • thanks yall..i feel a bit better now! every now and then i get the urge(and give in) to binge..idk if this is normal or not. its like i eat EVERYTHING(its mainly sweets) until im stuffed SICK,which i am now..then the next day im back on track as if nothing happened and continue makes me wonder sometime, could i have a binging disorder? or is this a way of my body telling me im being to strict with my diet? i feel somewhat disappointed cuz i know its just prolonging the time to get to goal but i always think..why am i in a rush for goal anyway? this is a journey not a race. ive binged alot of times and have gotten back on track loosing weight but i feel like thats just making excuses when i binge. ive never did this when was 200lbs+, its like once i got under 170lbs, my body went into defense mode and the lower i go, the more it fights and gets these sugar/carb endured urges..ugh. i feel like no matter what weight i am, i will always be struggling with food. i honestly am content with my size now and very proud ive come from 288lbs to the high 140's, just could use some toning up..i think maybe it really close to time for maintenance so i wont have to stress anymore calorie count wise...i have no problem with exercise, i love it.

    sigh..vent over
  • I did NOT do well with th diet this weekend! I'm glad to see Halloween pass.

    I am kicking November off right with taking the day off work. Why do I feel so guilty?! haha. No more PTO days for me until our vacation at the end of December, but I still have all of the company paid holidays to look forward to- Thanksgiving. I am vowing to relax and stay on plan!

    November is high gear month for me......Bikini time over Christmas!
  • Well it seems that Halloween was tough for a lot of us...but that's okay because it's over!

    LindsB, I'm so jealous that you have a day off today! I hope you enjoy it guilt-free

    I'm going home this Wednesday through Sunday, and I hope my diet survives it. I just really need a break away from campus. Weighed in at 140.2 today...hopefully I'll be back in the 130s soon! TOM finally came (sorry, overshare) so I hope that means my water retention days are over for now.
  • i had too much sodium yesterday, and i estimated caloric intake in my head bc we were out, and as long as the things i ate had no mystery ingredients like lard, i was at around 1600 cals for the day. who knows. but i’m at 149 today. back on track today!
  • 157.4 this morning, moving slooow, but moving!