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back at it
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Default Whats your "plan" for getting through holidays?

Well...I've really fallen off the wagon lately. More like fallen off then gotten dragged behind it for several weeks. I'm ready to get back on plan, but its so close to the holidays that ALREADY, I can feel the pressure coming. I so heavily associate this time of year with baking, parties, drinking, etc. that I'm really concerned it will be too much pressure or I'll be depressed not getting to enjoy all that I associate with the season.

What are your plans to combat holiday/fall/winter foods, parties, etc.?
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I think it works best to think about it in chunks. It is ONLY October, so I only have one single holiday to stress about: Halloween. Thanksgiving will take care of itself, as will Christmas and New Years. I am seriously not considering anything past the next two weeks, because the world is much too overwhelming otherwise.

Halloween for me isn't a big deal. I'll buy the candy the day of or store it some place else if I have to. I also tend to buy stuff I don't like, so I'm not tempted to eat it.

Thanksgiving: I bring food with me to supplement the healthy parts my family has. I should mention I don't like gravy or mashed potatoes, so those are easy. Turkey is pretty healthy. I cook a sweet potato in the oven at home and bring it with me. If I want something unhealthy, I'm taking the smallest piece/portion possible and am going to just enjoy that bite.

Christmas: Same deal, mostly. I'll supplement with healthy options and take what I want. We'll most likely go for a walk (I do live in California, so this is easier for me than most). I don't do a lot of holiday parties, but those I do attend, I'll either bring something to share that I can eat or bring a separate meal for myself.

Really, my key is to pick those days that matter and ignore the rest. Three days in three months where I might be (controlled) off plan? Not a big deal. Its fooling myself into thinking this is a "season". December 23rd, for example, is just another day, who cares what it is next to? Pick your days, control what you can and don't beat yourself up

Btw, being so busy I don't have time to do anything fun is my actual plan . I'm seriously looking at just having those days and maybe a couple others to actually consider the issue
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Well, I made it through Thanksgiving alright...It just required some hardcore planning, I decided what I wanted to eat for Thanksgiving dinner, then worked the rest of my day around that. I managed to lose 3lbs the week of Thanksgiving.

I'm from Canada, Thanksgiving was last weekend...
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Losing the baby weight
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I hope I can just maintain! I want to be at goal by then. Maintaining is a lot easier than losing, so I'll just have to work hard until then.

Maintaining to me is still making healthy choices and watching portions.

I want to lose some more weight before halloween because I want a peanut butter cup haha.
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@duckyyellowfeet I like your plan; people often equate 4 days (which are weeks apart) with an entire "season" and just let it rip (I know this is what I did) and thinking about it as just four days puts everything into perspective. Me personally, this is my first holiday season actively trying to lose weight and I decided to test-drive these few tips:

1. Halloween: allow myself 3 or 4 of the "fun size" treats; I already know which candies I'm looking forwards to: Nestle Crunch (70 cal), Kit Kat (70 cal), Snickers (80 cal), and maybe one Reese's peanut butter cup (80 cal) and it helps that I am not going to be helping passing out candy this year.
2. Thanksgiving: Umm...yea I'm not there yet, but I just want a little taste of everything, including desserts. The upside is that I am not going to be with my parents, so I won't be tempted to gorge myself on my mom's awesome cooking.
3. Christmas: I'll be at my sister's house and she works in retail, so she will probably have to work like crazy and I can't cook, so no problems
4. New Years: I'm not worried about food...blame it on the alcohol! LOL
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