20-Somethings' October Exercise Tracker & Chat Thread

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  • I posted more pictures here... http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/weig...o-area-5k.html

    This run was practically nothing for my teammates but just before this photo was taken I said it always surprises me how the more you work out the quicker you recover. This was maybe 2-3 minutes after we passed the finish line. I can't wait for the professional pics to come out! I want to see how I look in the finish line pic. LOL

    I got my friend to agree to the warrior dash but it's coming up really soon so we are thinking of doing it next year. Although it will be a long wait it will be worth it.
  • Congratulations KayNicole! I can't wait to run my first 5k.

    I officially started my training plan for some 5k in my future that I haven't found yet. It's been a while since I've been running, and I actually didn't do much since I was just starting out, but now my knee is hurting really badly. I'm 18 years old for crying out loud. It seems like I shouldn't be having these problems. I never had a problem when I was running on the school track or on dirt trails over the summer. Today I ran in my gym's indoor track. Does anyone have any ideas why my knees would be so bad off? It hurts the most right above my kneecap, and it looks kinda swollen...
  • katy- Thank you! I ended up with knee problems in the beginning as well. Are you following a training plan? My problem was I was starting out running like a runner. Obviously I needed to warm up to that. When I started my training the second time around (after a year off for healing) I did the C25K plan and stuck to it. I slowed my pace to a granny shuffle, I iced my knees after running and took some anti inflammatory when I thought my knee was a little sore. I haven't had any problems! Just remember to take it easy and build your strength.
  • KayNicole- thanks for the help. I am doing a training program. It's very similar to C25K program. I was chomping at the bit a little while I was running yesterday. I probably did too much for my first day back now that I think about it. I'll take it down a notch and gradually build my strength back up. Over the summer I discovered how much I enjoy running and I probably got a little over excited getting back to it.
  • That's awesome that you are so into running, Kat.

    Well 30 minutes of cardio yesterday. Time for me to focus on today.
  • I did my gym time on monday then fell off the working out horse due to some emotional stuff, when i get mopey i dont overeat i just dont wanna move out of bed lol, but made myself head back to the gym tonight so hopefully i'm gonna stay back on track and meet my goal
  • These last few days have been hard, exercise-wise, but a little 10-20 minute cardio is better than nothing, right? .
  • Same here Zan. I have been crazy busy and not planning in my workouts. I will be back on track after tomorrow!
  • It's madness, I swear! Well, my weekend is looking like a traveling one, so I better crank up the tunes and get a loooooooong walk in asap!
  • met my goal of working out 20 days out of the 31 in october hooray!!!! may still work out this weekend but im planning to donate plasma tomorrow so it depends on how im feeling for the rest of the weekend