OT - need some ideas for my new preschool classroom!

  • Hey ladies, I know this is COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC. But I'm racking my brain here and I NEED HELP.

    I recently got promoted at my preschool to a lead teacher for a 2/3 year old classroom. My first year teaching! I'm pumped. But there's a LOT to prepare and a short amount of time. Each child at my school get's their own cubby. On their cubby we put a cubby tag. Just something that indicates that it's theirs. this month we cut out butterflies, had them paint them, then wrote their names on them and hung them. Last month each child had a flip flop, and the one next had an alternating one so it looked like they were walking, then added names.

    Well - it's back to school now, and i have NO IDEA what to make for cubby tags. Oh creative ones, HELP.

    Some ideas I had were alternating apples with pencils. But that's so cliche. Our theme for the month is my family, friends, and me. I'd like to have their picture up somehow so they know which one is theres.


    IF all else fails, I'm going to print off a giant paper sized picture of each child's face and tape it to their cubby. that's pretty blunt I think.
  • I think the picture sounds good. as to that way the kids can figure out what's their cubby space and get used to that one for the first month.

    maybe their hand prints, or books or you could do different leaves as fall is coming soon.
    hope this has helped somewhat?
  • If you take the children's picture or have one sent in with the child, cut the childs face into a circle. Make a flower with petals radiating out, the children could draw, paint or paste pictures of their family on the petals.
    Too hard? maybe more modification could be done.
    just an idea.
  • You could get them to do little self portraits maybe?
  • Thanks everyone! I'd like to have these prepared for them before they arrive to school.

    AR4life I like that idea a lot, not too difficult either. Plus I already have pictures of all the kids because all but 2 are already in my school.

    Iconised - It's funny because their "self potraits" are scribbles I'm thinking to do something like this on the first day and hang it at their eye level on the inside bottom of their cubby...
  • It'd be cute to have little cutouts of gingerbread man shapes - you know, basic people shape - and have them glue a pic of their face to the head, then decorate the body with crayons and such? That'd be pretty straightforward!
  • You could get it started by making a cutout of a house and have their name on it with a cutout person representing them. When they come in you could make an activity out of it by making them finish their house with their family members. Have cut outs of moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and several kinds of pets and have them put it together so it can be attached to their house later on. I don't know how complex that is for 2/3 y.o., but it'll get the gears turning in their heads.
  • Anything they recognize is awesome. You could ask the families to send in a family photo from home and laminate that to the inside of the cubby with their name. That would stick with your family theme and help them know which cubby is theirs!