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Default Has my nutritionist been lying to me?!

OK, so I decided for my own records I was going to do my measurements! I have been going to a nutritionist since April just to keep track of my measurements, body fat %, etc. Well, I just printed out a measuring tape and what I measure is a lot different than what he has been telling me. For instance, when I last saw him in the middle of June, he said my hips were 34.25. I just measured and I got 40 inches. I havent gained any weight so I know I didnt just gain 6 inches lol. Everything still fits the same. But I am curious now. Am I measuring wrong or has he been telling me differently??

I know I am probably jumping to conclusions but it just seems way off! I do have a bubble butt, however 35 inches sounds closer to what I think my measurement would be. I still fit in a size 4 so I dont see how I could be at 40? All the other measurements are off as well. My measurements are saying I am a lot bigger than what he said I was! I dont know. What do you all think!?
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Measurements are going to depend heavily on the method used - where you're putting the tape, etc. Most likely you just measured differently/in a different place than he did.
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He is probably not lying, maybe you are just measuring in a slighty different spot ...
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That's what I was thinking. I have decided to just keep "my measurements" and remeasure in a month. That way if it goes down, it doesnt matter what the number says, as long as it is going down
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I would say you're probably measuring in a different spot. A friend of mine is forever whining about her 39" hips and she's pretty slim so I'm sure it's possible to measure that (in one place or another) and be a size four.

I know I'll make myself look stupid admitting this but for the longest time, I could not figure out why I had such an insanely high waist measurement compared to others around my height/weight and then I figured out I was measuring in the wrong spot. It certainly does make a difference where you measure!
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On that topic - where DO you measure? lol - I've been having the hardest time figuring that out...
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I think this site gives decent directions. I think its the site I used when I was chatting with a Navy recruiter. My overall weight was 10-15 lbs too heavy at the time, but my body fat percentage was under their standards so after I was past their guidelines for having my last baby I was still eligible for recruitment.

I haven't chatted with him since though.
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You should try getting someone else to measure you too.
For your hips you should find the widest part (usually just over your butt) and stand up straight.
Also I'd invest in a real tape measure... I dunno how accurate a printed out one would be.
I've been told you should stand up straight, hands by your side and measure at the wrist, but I don't know if that's the best method
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Make sure you measure the fullest part of your hips OVER the butt. Your feet also must be togther and do it in a mirror to ensure you have the tape measure against your skin and not at any sort of angle- it should be straight.

Waist from my understanding is taken at the bellybutton.
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Can you mention it to your nutritionist? And ask where specifically they were measuring from because you were curious?
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Way, waaayyy back when I was in home ec class, the sewing teacher said that it was always more accurate to have someone else measure you...
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lol, I was just looking up how to measure my waist today. Apparently for clothing and stuff, your waist is considered the narrowest part of your body. The weightloss TV shows I see usually measure around the belly button. Government websites state that measuring your waist is halfway between the top of your hips and the bottom of your ribcage.

The narrowest part of my body is about 3-4 inches above my belly button...

So take your pick, I guess, but be consistent lol
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i think the correct waist should be above belly button about 1-2 inches.

on the topic subject, you probably just measure the different spot. Or didn't have the tape straight, or didn't pull it as tight as it should. Just ask him/her to show you where to measure, it should be fine then

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Admittedly I measure my waist in three spots- the narrowest (dress waist), belly button, and my lower stomach (where my pooch is) it really doesn't matter where you measure, per say, as long as youre consistent.
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