First Noticeable NSV!

  • I didn't even know what NSV meant until last week haha. But today I discovered my first real one!

    I hadn't been measuring myself but I did it about 4 months ago when I was ordering some clothes online. And I thought I'd do some measurements today just to see if anything was different!

    GUESS WHAT! 3 inches off my waist! And that will be since July 19 when I changed my lifestyle! Not much off anywhere else, so maybe I'm going to have a ridiculously whittled-waist-hourglass figure... but I think 3 inches is pretty good!
  • That's fabulous, well done!
  • Thanks Rosinante! I just wish it would come off my silly tummy/hips. But waist is fine too!
  • aw that's awesome. Congratulation.