Thanks to those with opinions on my Aerosmith outfit! lol

  • Here are some pics!

  • You look hot, and those are some difficult camera angles! Go you!
  • you look great! and look how CLOSE your are to them! amazing!!
  • Aww looks like you had an awesome time!! I bet they rocked
  • Looks like a great time and you looked amazing!
  • FUN! I would love to see Aerosmith live. You look really really good!
  • Great outfit.
  • Woo hoo! Great outfit and fun pics. :-)
  • Totally rockin outfit!!!

    I'll bet you had a blast... I've seen them over 25 times! They were my favorite band in high school.... I was TOTALLY a groupie for a few years.
  • 1) You look amazing!
    2) I'll ask since no one else has: Did Joey Perry behave himself or did he push Steven off stage again?
  • lol no he behaved.