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It feels great when someone notices that you have lost weight. I personally will only make a comment like that if I know the person well and if I know they are purposefully losing weight.

I used to work in a disability services office and too often clients had lost weight because of illness and I never wanted to be in the situation where I said "Hey you look great! Have you lost weight?" and the response I get is "Yes! Thanks for noticing! It's all the cancer I have now!"
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Yeeees even if I notice someone has lost weight I wouldn't know what to say unless they're a really good friend and I haven't seen them in a while.

But if it's a coworker or someone I see every day.. it just seems awkward.

Also if someone, say, at work, asks me if I've lost weight I just say something like "If so it's because of <Project X>" (making a joke). "See I've got a grey hair from it too."

Overall it's a little embarrassing to me when people bring it up. If I don't make a slight joke or turn the conversation elsewhere, I don't know where to go with it.

I also blush SUPER easily, which is awful, if attention stays on me too long. Worst thing ever. I don't even have to be very embarrassed to turn bright red - surprise, embarrassment, you name it, I turn red.
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I can totally relate. I have lost 15 lbs and no one have said anything positive to me. My mom made a comment about my weight today and it wasn't a nice one. I sometimes get discouraged too but I'm doing this for me and not any one else.
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I understand what everyone is saying Iv'e lost 24 pounds and my DH says he cant tell. some poeple say they can and some dont. i probably wouldn't be able to tell if i didnt know i had dropped two 2 jean sizes normally i have to get into the 150's before its really noticable. my mother in law is the one whos always telling me to keep up the good work and bless her heart when i had just lost 7 pounds she swore up and down she could tell. shes so sweet sometimes
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Congrats on the 15lb so far, i lost 40lbs and people only started to notice after 30, and say oh have you lost weight.. i hide weight, people think i'm lighter then i am, good thing i guess haha

keep it up, the compliments well flow eventually
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I totally understand, but as others have said, I think it's sometimes hard for people to say anything. If you're not losing weight, they'll feel like a moron. I will admit that, though I love the attention I've gotten this time around, I've been embarrassed in the past when family members have asked me if I'd lost weight when I clearly hadn't. It ended up reminding me that I wasn't trying hard enough at all and I should have looked a lot better than I did.

This time around, the only person who hasn't commented on my weight loss is a jealous coworker. (She's the type who, as my size 12 jeans are literally falling off my bum, would say, "I don't think you need to go to a smaller size.") I try to remember that she's miserable with her own body and not let it get to me.

Oh, one other point... People who see you often probably notice gradual weight loss less than someone who hasn't seen you in a while. For instance, my grandmother practically screamed when she saw me for the first time in a month. Coworkers? Not as much.
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Honestly seeing some threads around here I'll never comment on anyone's weightloss again. For every thread like this where people complain no on is saying anything you have another thread of people complaining about people noticing. You just can't win.
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From one 5'10 female to another, it takes a pretty solid amount of weight before people notice, since our tall frames spread weight more than someone shorter. When I lost weight a few years ago, I took off 30 pounds before anyone noticed.

Truth be told though, it really doesn't matter if people notice. From what I've read, you're changing your life for you. If you can see and feel the difference, that's what counts

Keep up the great work!
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cherrypie, I LOVE your avatar! Long live the Enterprise!
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yes i hate it. because i know i can barely see anything but someone who hasnt seen me in weeks has to see something? right? why not say it?
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