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I find that people who haven't seen me in a while notice now that I've lost over 40 pounds, but nobody commented for a long time - especially not people that I see every day. Unfortunately, if they see you all the time, they're just not that likely to notice.
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It disappoints me when people who know I'm trying to lose weight and are close to me (like my mom) don't say anything. I don't really see a difference, but I like to think it's all in my head, so it would be helpful if someone would say something to make me think it's obvious to them. 25lbs is nearly 1/2 of what I want to lose overall, so I think it should be at least a little noticeable.

Like someone else said, people probably do notice and just don't say anything. Weight can be a very touchy subject.

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So my sister in law has always been bigger than me by quite a bit, but after I had gained weight plus had pregnancy weight, SHE started losing weight after all these years. I absolutely refused to mention I noticed her weight loss out of pure jealousy AND the fact that when I had lost about 50 pounds before my wedding SHE never mentioned it, fun little game huh? LOL.

Anyway, besides the - people not wanting to be rude or not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable, there may be a good part of people not mentioning it because they are jealous of the fact you are losing weight, whether they are big or not. I've found that my skinny friends like to be the skinny friends and therefore find it annoying when I'm no longer the big friend. Bigger or skinnier people tend to like people to stay in the role they are used to them playing.
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I much prefer someone to just say "you look great", then say OH my god you have lost weight. Your the same person you were before, just in a smaller package.
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It took people 80 lbs to notice the difference with me, it was very sudden and I was starting to wonder what was wrong! In the end it wasn't the weight loss that did it, but new clothes, I think that as long as they see you wearing old clothes and jackets they just don't realise or aren't sure.

It was great, because I could say 'I've only lost 2/5 lbs since I last saw you', not having to mention the other 75 before that. ;-)
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I didnt read any other responses but

sometimes people dont realize you've lost weight because its not a big enough change....

I got comments from close people but now after I've lost 125 pounds I get the jaw dropping thing from people...but thats only a recent thing from people I haven't seen in awhile...

I also know for me it takes a good 20-25 pounds to change sizes so 15 pounds where its a lot to you its a smaller change in the larger scheme of things.

people will begin to notice dont worry...sometimes its kind of embarassing
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Originally Posted by Destinova View Post
I think that some people feel if they mention it it will embarass you, or think that you make take it as you need to lose weight. Actually, in all honesty, when people notice when I lose weight and mention it, it does kind of embarass me.
Yeah, I'm more like this. I feel like if they compliment me on my weight loss it means that they had been noticing how overweight I was. I guess I secretly hope I carry it well even though I'm barely 5'3" haha :rolls eyes:
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I definitely understand. I've lost 20 pounds and my pants don't even fit the same, but no one has noticed. It does kind of suck.
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personally from seeing other people lose weight even family. I don't want to say anything because I dont want them to think I thought they were fat before.. like oh you're losing weight? cuz then I would also be noticing that they were heavy before and that they are still heavy.. and then its all out there... awkwardness..
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It takes a while for people to notice. But as another poster said, NOBODY in my work has mentioned it, partly because I think it would be very unprofessional, or possibly could be construed as a type of harassment. Imagine if eveyone commented when they noticed people gained weight... the only people that say things to me are very close friends and family.
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i dont think people dont say anything because they dont notice but just because sometimes they wouldnt know what to say, weight is a delicate issue with most people and some people may lose weight for lots of reasons not all of them good ones and so some people just feel its a subject best left unmentioned, you never know whats going on in someones life so its best not to comment.
also as said above when someone sees you everyday they just dont notice the change unless they are looking
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Hah, I'm in the same boat as you! We have a similar SW and GW, and no one has noticed, yet, that I've lost weight. I had to TELL my mom that I lost weight. That's ludicrous.

But, I'm not worried – maybe when I get down to my goal weight, everyone will notice at the exact same time, and it will be like shock and awe.

Sweet, sweet shock and awe.
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This is defintly normal...people sometimes don't see it, until one day something clicks, its like they always pictured u as big so they still do even if you've lost weight...

for afternoon i was running with my best friend and we bumped into an old school friend (since shes seen me id lost 35 POUNDS!) and she said to my best you've lost weight (when she hadnt?!) i was like...HELLLOOOOOOO

then seriouslt 5 DAYS later we are at a xmas party...and she grabs me and goes...ohmygod did you lose a ton of weight in like a weeek?!!

until she saw the back of me..and ddint recognise me was when she noticed.
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I think people are just afraid to embarass you or make you uncomfortable. I'm your height and a few years back I lost some weight -- it took about 25 pounds (from 250 to 225) before people said anything. One person actually said "I didn't want to say anything in case you stopped losing. I didn't want you to feel bad about your previous weight."
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I agree with Jen516 and when people do notice that I've lose weight its almost embarrassing. I hate it if people go on about it. Obviously going from a 16 to an 8 is kind of a lot. I would notice. I feel bad because I never know what to say when people bring it up so I typically change the subject. I transfered schools/lost a large chunk of the weight right before college started so most of my friends now don't believe me when I say I used to be heavier. Its weird because often I still see myself the same and people are like "uh..." hahaha. I don't know what I'll do at goal.
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