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Default chub rub issues

I recently started working out again which is great (I feel much better about myself on days I work out). I even buckled down and bought some exercise shorts for the first time in like 10 years. I kind of had to because I live in Washington, DC and it's about 100 degrees here with high humidity so I'd die in pants. I normally don't wear shorts because of my stretch marks, cellulite and fat legs . I don't feel very confident in them--which may actually be a good thing because I walk faster in the hopes I'll be going too fast for people
to notice.

Anyways, the problem is that my shorts ride up when I'm walking-esp. the inner thigh area. Not only does this mean I show more skin than I want, it also means that my thighs have a tendancy to rub together causing a rash. It also means that I'm constantly tugging on my shorts to get them down which is not attractive. Lol. I don't want to get spandex shorts, those are too tight for my comfort level. Has anyone found any regular shorts that don't do this? Or any solution to the problem I could try?
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I have not found any - and am interested in what others have found.

What I wear is spandex/compression shorts UNDER running shorts. The compression stay PUT and the running shorts hide my sins. LOL
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I have the same problem. What I have found helps with the riding up issue shorts wise is to use longer mesh shorts. They seem to be the only ones that don't ride up enough to cause the rubbing issue.

Also, even though this doesn't solve you shorts issue. I use this stuff called Body Glide. It's meant for runners who feel the exact type of discomfort that your feeling. It can be used anywhere not just around your thighs. It looks like a deodorant honestly but the consistency of it resembles more so that of Vaseline only thicker and not as oily.

It really helped me a lot. I use to rub together so much that I would actually start bleeding, and that was just gross. But Body Glide (which I found in a runner's store) and longer mesh shorts work.

Hope this helps!
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You could try capris. I found a pair at walmart in the section with all the workout clothes. They are light weight cotton and slightly fitted (so they aren't baggy but don't look like spandex either. I live in capris because I can't run and pull down my shorts from between my legs at the same time. I guess you could also try the tights that hit right below your knees with actual running shorts over them. I think the runner's shorts have less tendency to ride up because of the way they are made (but they are really short).
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I have the same problem. It's not super cute, but I bit the bullet and got a pair of spandex shorts. They are the only kind of shorts I've found that don't ride up. They're so comfortable that it outweighs (no pun intended...) my discomfort in revealing so much lumpy lower body, and it's really nice not having to worry about constantly pulling my shorts down.

You might also want to look into a running skirt, which is a skirt over a pair of spandex shorts, so you won't have the rubbing issues, but will still be a little more covered up.
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I am pretty sure I will always have chub rub since I have it at a size 4... gotta love it. I second the idea of UnderArmor or something similar under your shorts. I also like to wear running shorts like Nike's Tempo shorts or similar ones. The built in undies make things much easier to deal with and they are designed for runners to prevent all kinds of annoyances. It reduces a lot of the rub, and still covers all the parts I want covered without looking weird.

I also use a dusting powder on the insides of my thighs. My favorite is Silky Underwear from Lush because it smells amazing, but it can get expensive. There's also stuff called Body Glide for athletes to prevent chafing. I'm not sure where to get it, but it looks like a deodorant stick and you just rub it on wherever you have issues.

Good luck! Chub rub is annoying!
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I just don't wear shorts! Target usually has Champion work out gear on sale, and they make capri - length moisture wicking pants.

Friends of mine use body glide and like it, though, if you want to wear shorts.
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I second the capri idea. That is exactly why I got mine. But if you want to wear shorts I suggest getting some Body Glide like Stella mentioned.
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I say go with capris as well, I too found some at walmart that totally rock.
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Chub Rub --

I just go with black or navy capris or bike shorts. I esp like Champion or Moving Comfort. Well worth the price and frankly, I rather have it stay down that be picking at it.

Most of the time shorts that ride up on me have too long an inseam or funky leg openings. You could try finding those with better measures but I find it easier to just not wear those to work out in.

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wibblewobble - I too have this problem, and this may be TMI but particularly when I'm sweating a lot. As I've lost the problem goes away more and more, so that is nice, but in the mean time i've resorted to getting the high end runner's shorts with the built in undies. They are made for runners, and just sort of glide between your legs regardless of rub. They are also cut loser so that you can make a nice long stride. Best of luck! Oh and if you get chafed, try Boudreaux's butt paste. No joke, it's great! Forms a protective barrier, had to use it at Disney World last time we were down there, due to the "rub" haha!
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Hm, I guess I'll try the spandex under the shorts I already bought. I have no idea where I would get the anti-rub creams around here so hopefully this works. Maybe I'll invest in more expensive running shorts when I lose a little more can be like a reward for hitting a mini-goal .

Thanks for all the suggestions!
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