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The name is Maria :)
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Default any one in their late 20's around 300 lbs?

Hey all. I've been on 3fc for awhile. but I've never come over to the 20 somethings group.. I guess it just hit me in May when I turned 28 that I'm going not be out of my 20's very soon and it's time to take control before I move into my 30's! is there any one in here in their late 20's as well who has a goal to be at goal before their 30? I'm trying to cherish the 20's while I still got anyone else?
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Goodness yes! I am going to be at my goal before 30, which for me is just 10 months away... ACK! I've started saying things that way, it seems to make it happen! Welcome to the 20s thread and best wishes on success with your weight loss!!
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So I'm 26, but I definitely feel the urgency to lose the weight before I'm out of my twenties. I just had the thought the other day that I'll be in my late twenties by the time I'm down to a normal weight. I was sad because I felt like I missed out on so much because of my weight, but then I realized yeah maybe I didn't get to do everything I wanted, that doesn't mean I didn't have a good time. I earned both my bachelor and master's degrees, and really enjoyed college life. I haven't had a serious relationship, but I have met a lot of good people and have amazing friends. My life hasn't been full of big adventures, but I still have time for it. Life is just about to get even better. Can't wait until we're all hot, healthy chicks in our 30s.
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I'm only 22 currently (almost 23)...but I too feel that sense of 'gotta lose the weight soon!' I guess I just, like others have said, feel like I've wasted so many of my "young years" being overweight. I want to lose weight in time to enjoy being young! This is my last year in college so I'm determined to meet my goal before I graduate. Good luck to everyone! I know we can do it!
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Haha, well, I actually JUST turned 20 about a month ago, so I may not be entirely relate-able, but I've definitely been over 300 pounds. For the second time in my life, I've gotten out of them; first time was three years ago--junior year of HS--then I lost about 35 pounds, and eventually gained it all back and then some (ugh). But I've made a commitment now to permanently stay under 300 pounds...I never want to see a 3 as the first number on the scale ever again!

You've got time, and you're still young! Keep it up.
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The name is Maria :)
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thank you so much girls! I'm so glad a lot of you can relate! we are all going to did it this time! and I'm looking froward to making my 30's better then my twenties.. and maybe even that last year of my 20's who knows maybe I'll be at goal by 29! that would be great! I didn't let my weigh stop my for the most part from the ages of 17-20 I dated A LOT had a lot of boyfriends. clubbed, danced, went to college became a hair dresser and then met my now hubby when I was 21 and we got married when I was 22 this was all when I was around 215-230lbs so I've never been skinny but I've been skinnier! I looked so good back then I can't imagine how good I feel and look when I finally get in a normal weight! The older I'm getting though I'm realizing my youth is leaving and I want to fully enjoy what little I have left of it. me and my hubby would like to start a family in about 2-3 years and before then I want to zip line, rock climb, and go horse back riding and parasiling all things I haven't done because of my weight! Now if time to take charge and not pittle away the remainder of my youth! We can all do it! thanks for the welcome to this thread I'm going to check in here a lot more often!
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I'm 22, so a touch younger than you mention but completely relate about the weight - i'm certainly over 300, not certain by how much as i'm waiting on getting my wii back to weigh myself [this weekend hopefully!]

I'm doing it this time if it kills me. That is all.
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